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GoGoVan Clone

The thriving technological innovation and the technological improvements, especially with the advent of mobile apps, paved a vital role in changing the form of business activities. On-demand services have hit their milestones by reaching billions of global market populations through their mobile app facilities.  

The on-demand delivery service industry has flourished, especially during this period with great customer outreach. Its achievement courtesy is completely owed to the on-demand delivery app GoGoVan. By providing the users with quick and quality service, they are satisfied, and the entrepreneur gets to gain valid customers and improved business activity.

Apart from the usual on-demand modules, apps like GoGoVan facilitate improved multi-service facilities. Let us discuss in detail these multiservice on-demand apps. 

What is an on-demand delivery app?

In the hectic life, running behind heavy schedules, people wish to avail themselves of major services at their home’s convenience, delivered at their doorstep. With the advent of delivery apps, almost everything is now made available for delivery online. Food, grocery, shopping, logistics, etc., all are facilitated with ease through online delivery apps. 

In the list of delivery items, a few products, and services that are essential on a daily basis like food, grocery, provision, dairy, logistics, home services, and many others are on-demand. Those apps facilitating these daily on-demand needs are termed on-demand apps. 

With the increasing crowd for these on-demand apps, entrepreneurs started merging more than one service in their app to provide multiple services to customers. Apps like GoGoVan are multiservice apps that provide on-demand logistic service with taxi riding facilities. 

Moving logistic services through GoGoVan 

GoGoVan is a startup idea executed through a mobile app that came into existence in the year 2013, and later it merged its service with 58 Suyun. It soon grew as the first Startup of Hongkong hitting one billion dollar revenue. 

The combination of transporting goods and providing ride-hailing services parallelly gained great welcome by the primary audiences in the locality. From Hong Kong, it spread to Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and India with its exclusive two-way featured app. 

Exceptionally Phenomenal features of this multiservice app

1. Facilitates easy pet transportation.

2. Offers a ride to customers with their items. 

3. The users are facilitated with a wide range of vehicles and based on the requirement, the users can choose between vans, trucks, cars, etc. 

All these attributes contributed to kindling interest towards the app model among the entrepreneurs, for them to cater their service through similar white-label app solutions with efficient features and structures, like that of the GoGoVan app clones.

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Need for developing similar GoGoVan clone app 

1. The Moving and logistic service facilitating app like GoGoVan has increased popularity among the users for its effectiveness in bringing all kinds of transportation services under one roof.

2. With increased sources in facilitating the service and capability to manage demand and supply, the users do not doubt your service and cost as they will believe your pricing is loyal and cost-effective in terms of transportation facilities.

3. These apps also facilitate the users in moving heavy items and things while shifting from one to another locality. 

4. The shipping cost is reasonable as the logistic service provider transports 3 or 4 items traveling in the same route together. And these apps also ensure fast and safe shipping. 

The GoGoVan and other similar logistic transporting service apps aim at facilitating their users with all major transportation facilities and deliver any item from food and grocery to other valuables, documents, etc., thereby enabling dependable and cost-effective logistic services. 

What are the benefits of your GoGoVan clone app?

1. Simple, user-friendly interface with an easy mechanism to make orders. 

2. Its nature is quick, comprehensive, and economical.

3. Single medium connecting transporters and businesses. 

4. Real-time goods tracking system with improved navigation facilities. 

5. The users have wide options to choose the best party service by analyzing the user reviews.

6. Ensured professional service with customer satisfaction

7. Quick match ordering brings in the closest driver and delivery partner.

8. Improved and increased network connectivity.

Cost of developing a multi-facility app like GoGoVan

The working model of the GoGoVan has to incorporate a dual facility to book rides and transport logistics. Developers fix their prices based on the requirement of the features and the level of its configuration, like basic, intermediate, advanced. 

There are other attributes like 

1. The time of developing

2. Testing period

3. The efficiency of the developer

4. Design and structure of the app

5. Configurations 

6. Location 

And many others contribute to the cost of developing any app, and when it is going to be a Multiservice app, there are chances for hefty charges when building an app from scratch.

While there are other tactics to build a new app using Scripting, this process is very much eased, reducing the cost of production by different attributes. The time of development is considerably less by developing a full-featured multiservice app like GoGoVan from scripting technology. Other facilities like design, structure, and features only are influential in deciding the product’s cost.

The Bottom line

With the increasing popularity of multiservice apps facilitating Moving and logistics with a ride through apps like GoGoVan, entrepreneurs have a great deal in the market. Why do you want to lose an opportunity filled with increased success avenues?

Develop and Launch your GoGoVan clone app with INORU, and boost your business activity in the global market with increased crowd participation. 

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