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Lalamove Clone

Thrive your business with the trending On-demand delivery service app like Lalamove 

On-demand services have an alluring need in the market with the prevailing situation. With the increasing demand, online service facilitators through mobile apps emerged as saviors. 

The on-demand market is filled with almost all the services from food delivery to medicine, grocery, etc. Despite many other on-demand solutions, the one with increased traffic and a good revenue model is Lalamove Clone that facilitates on-demand delivery service.

This is a high trafficking online delivery service from Hong Kong since 2013. Let us get into detail about this delivery service model that has greater opportunities to explore. 

Lalamove – a Delivery app from Hong-kong

Lalamove was initially named Easy Van in China when it was launched in December 2013 by Chow Shing-Yuk. This statement made their business statement simple and crisp. The word ‘Lala’ means ‘delivery.’ The motive of the app goes like this – Whatever you want, Wherever you are, Whenever you call, we’ll deliver it for you. Just in a click, the order is made, and in the stipulated time, it is delivered at ease to the users’ doorsteps.  

Numbers related to the on-demand delivery app like Lalamove

1. From being the Unicorn in Hong Kong, the Lalamove app is now available to function in other cities, including Thailand, Latin, Mexico, Taiwan, America, and others. 

2. Over two million drivers are functioning in the app. 

3. Since 2013, it is one of China’s mainland businesses operating in all 352 cities. 

4. It ventured its service in the United States, and now there are 480,000 active drivers, and 7.2% of users most frequently use the app.

5. Lalamove app, with its D Series funding, gained $976.5 million

6. The app generates annual revenue of 14.6 million USD. The estimated income of an employee is 145,000USD.

7. The growth rate of the employees in the Lalamove is increasing by 84% now. 

These numbers portray a very promising future for the business and are likely to generate surplus revenue. 

Why are apps like Lalamove called Last-minute Apps?

Apps like Lalamove are referred to as Last-minute delivery apps as they can support the users with their last-minute rush in ordering a delivery. It can be anything, food, courier, home items, goods, etc. The app facilitates getting things delivered on time even if the orders are placed on the verge. To rely on the name, on-demand logistic providers, these apps enable this. 

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What are the industries that are benefited through Lalamove’s clone?

Apps like Lalamove are scalable in terms of business operation. Listed below are a few sectors that are helped through the Lalamove clone.

  • Medical industry

With the increasing restrictions enforced due to the prevailing situation, medical goods transportation is also affected, but demand is higher. Despite few healthcare organizations trying to deliver it themself, most of the organization depends upon the transportation services to meet the demand.

  • Logistics

Logistics services are in demand with the predominant shifting and translocating situations. And to facilitate this service, the Lalamove clone apps are used to get the service done at ease with safety and security. 

  • Courier industry

From grocery, flowers, imported parcels, documents, and others are most of the time couriered. With limited service access, through an app like Lalamove, the user and the receiver mutually benefit in the period. Their advanced GPS option provides a live tracking facility. 

Working of Lalamove clone app model

The users download the app and install it. The user uses any of their social media logins and signs in to the app. Then the login portal opens.

After successful login, the user can palace or deliver the orders. While the partners of the app can accept and deny the request. Once the order is made successful, confirmation is sent. 

After the packing and other processes, the products come out for delivery. Then it will be delivered at the right time as mentioned. The app is very easy to operate with a friendly interface. It also provides options to order motorbikes for personal use. 

The app also provides a live tracking option. Using this, customers can know about the whereabouts of their order. 

Finally, the user can review and rate the service based on their experience. 

Revenue models of Lalamove clone app

The mainstream revenue opportunities offered by the Lalamove clone app are 

  • Delivery Fee

Based on the vehicle and the weight of the package, the user can be charged with delivery charges for getting their service done in time. 

  • Commission Fee

A percentage of money can be collected from the user as convenience charges for their delivery request. 

  • In-App adds

Hosting in-app advertisements for related products and other third-party brands can be looked at as opportunities for making increased revenue.

  • Subscription Fees

By providing additional services to the customers under subscription terms, the app can accumulate revenue. 

Where to develop your Lalamove Clone app?

There are two options to develop a delivery service app. Either build your app from scratch or launch using scripting technology. The second option is wiser as it considerably reduces the time and effort required. 

At INORU, we help you develop robust on-demand delivery services with scripting technologies. The time and cost of developing an app are reduced and, thereby, increase the app’s flexibility and compatibility. 

To boost your delivery service business activity, develop your full-featured Lalamove clone with INORU and get yourself established in the global niche and increase your revenue opportunities. 

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