Super App Like Gojek Draws $150 Million Investment To Drive Through The Indonesian Market

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With the advent of technologies and the peak of digitalization in and around the market, Business today is purely online. There is progress when you can accept and adapt to the updating trends in the market. Similarly, the on-demand market is brewing at a high pace with a broad nature of the business operation to accept and progress. Moreover, every business in the sector is more likely to adopt the trend. In that manner, Gojek like app is the supermodel for these businesses to efficiently perform online. 

Following which, don’t you want to explore the Global niche? Here is your right choice, get along the blog to explore the capabilities of your business through a highly potential Gojek clone app developed with us. 

Gojek – The Super App Solution

From the streets of Indonesia, came out the Gojek app that had multiple faces benefiting a wide range of users. A tele calling support to an on-demand app Gojek has evolved in the business space. That it has created a phenomenal impact on society in terms of its growth and impact in the business venture. It is considered as the first and foremost multi-service app in the market. 

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Gojek facilitated its users with all the required day-to-day services from on-demand delivery to home service, handyman services, payment transactions, ticket booking facilities, courier and parcel delivery, and many more. All under one roof, with efficiency and improved functionality. 

Today there is nothing that Gojek can’t facilitate its users and similarly, every multiservice entrepreneur desires to own their Gojek like app. They believe it has the potential to make a difference in the business to evolve in the global market with increased capabilities. 

Gojek Receive $150 Million Into The Business 

Since its launch, a Multi-service app like Gojek has created a great impact in the market. It has achieved a lot in the process. Moreover, its growth from Indonesia to the global spectrum is its self-explanatory journey.  In recent times, this super app, as is another achievement, has raised funding worth $150million. 

Gojek is expected to pair up with Telkomsel, which is a network service provider and a subsidiary of Telkom, owning a telecommunications company. This collaboration is out to grow the Country’s first-ever mobile market and accelerate digital transformation. 

This coloration is witnessed as an investment for multi-year partnership expansion between the companies that facilitated packages for Gojek drivers. In order to grow the Indonesian Lifestyle along with the growth of the digital economy, this joint venture is stated to be noticed as a space to provide great convenience among the users through product offerings, cost savings, etc. This joint promotion and product bundles is seen as a platform to improvise the lifestyle sector and provide advanced technological advertisement solutions to merchants on different scales. 

Get Your Gojek Clone App Launched with us!

The more beneficial this app is for society, Gojek has spread its service to a wider spectrum. This eventually created a great impact on the vast extended spectrum. Many entrepreneurs in the on-demand business venture are now stepping into the market with similar multi-services app solutions. 

If you are one such entrepreneur trying to expand your business, but did not find the source yet? 

Here at INORU, we provide you with Gojek Clone app development service that has the capability to influx increased functionality. Rather than developing an app from scratch, involving yourself in a hefty process, instead of investing in the clone script process can be highly beneficial and more a futuristic solution. 

How Does Gojek Clone Support The Future Of Your Business 

The features and functionality of the app decide its future. Your app must be capable of compiling for the future through its advancements. Listed below are a few futuristic features that can be infused into your Gojek clone app. 

  • Feedback cards

This feature enables the user to now report their feedback on an app like Gojek in a much easier manner. In order to share their experience via the app, the user can simply click on the cards stating the feeling and measure of like and dislike regarding the service rendered by the app and facilitators. This is more of an effortless method for the users to easily share their experiences, instead of typing it out. Many hesitate to share when the app asks out for many questions and detailed answers to type.

  • Safety Pledge

As we have all surpassed something serious, it is important to be safe and precautious. This feature intimates all the riders, service facilitators, users, etc., a notion of what all of us have to follow and focus on. All the players in the app are allowed to access and vitalize on it only if they accept the safety pledge agreeing and click on the I Agree button. 

  • Safety kit 

This is a highly beneficial button encouraging drivers on their safety and security measures when they are associated to take a ride from a gojek like app.  While clicking on the button, it drops down a list of safety functions that the driver has to facilitate and ensure to facilitate their bestowed service by abiding by them. 

  • Safe Logins 

Using device-based authentication, the user can easily log in to the app. The user can use face recognition, fingerprint verification, and other biometric identification or mega link, where an authentication URL is sent to check the user device. Compared to other authentication, these are more common and profoundly used to avoid risk. It is also beneficial in many other aspects. 

The Gojek like the multi-service app is bound to ensure safety for the users and the other end players in the app. 

Vesting on such a secured app can help you deal with future crises as well. So get set with your App development process now. 

Final verdict

Our Gojek clone solution is super perfect for the future and helps you easily take a drift on your business at ease. In this blog, we have seen how the Gojek app clone model benefits businesses. So with no further delay, reach us out now, to easily develop and launch your Gojek clone app at ease. And then you are a star with the super-efficient app solution in the global business of the on-demand market.

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