Whatsapp Clone: Fascinating Features In Your Instant Messaging App

Whatsapp Clone

Now that everything is immediate and instant. Why not imbibe into the communication sector? There are multiple social media and instant messaging app in the market. Still, the need for a perfect communication app with advanced and admiring features and characteristics exists in society. On that note, why can’t you be the one? Take this chance to invest in developing a fully-featured WhatsApp clone app with us. And take your Business investments to a new scale. 

By the way, I know you may have this mulling. “Why should we focus on developing a similar app like WhatsApp, instead of the other messaging models?” – your answer is there right below, keep reading and explore your business attributes. 

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Instant Messaging App

With the growth of digitization, we could witness the growth of the business in a very evident manner. Communication has evolved to be a vital part of life, and now the business in the sector is also growing with technological advancements. An app like WhatsApp has played an integral part in the growth of the communication sector through its most highlighted Instant messaging feature. 

WhatsApp, an innate app that has the heart of users for its simplicity and ease in navigating within the interface. Its strategy of vesting into contact diaries became the identification for each user, and it was convenient to have a unique user space and identify individuals. Now it has become the primary source of communication with increased drive access to share and receive data. 

Develop your WhatsApp Clone 

With two billion active users around the world, sending and receiving almost 100 billion messages with an average spending 39 minutes at the least, WhatsApp has become a part of every user in the world. Not just that, from 465 million, the messaging activity in the last six year have attained a growth of 365%. Do you think WhatsApp has no market? There is something new that comes up in the platform to ease the communication process. Apart from having a space to communicate, it does a lot more than what was planned on it. 

Therefore, Building a WhatsApp Clone is obviously  gonna be beneficial. That is a bad idea. Whatsapp clone with futuristic features has the ability to eat up the position of the current app and other instant messaging apps. Despite the in and out of many social apps and messaging forums, The stability and sustainability of Whatsapp was its interface and the capability to adapt and act for the present. Similarly, building your instant messaging app with INORU can help you attain the growth you dreamt of. 

In order to make your WhatsApp clone highly capable, we give you the perfect solution built-in with advancements and improvements. This is made possible with our White-label solutions, which makes it too comfortable and compatible and encourages customization and flexibility. Thereby your app can influx any new characteristics as you wish to your instant messaging app.

Basic Features Of An Instant Messaging App

  1. Easy and Quick Signup process. The user can use their phone number to create their account and back it with their email account.

  2. There is an instant messaging facility that users can send and receive messages instantly at ease. 

  3. The Integrated Contact listing feature in the app directly asks for permission to en-list contacts from the email id that is synced with the account.  

  4. The user can conveniently set up their Profile very simply. User Profile picture and name can be changed and removed as the user requires. 

  5. There is functionality to share photos, videos, and audio in the chats. The app gets access to the device gallery. Other than these, Location, contacts, documents, and others can also be shared via the app.

  6. Similarly, the user can share Story and Statuses, which will stay for 24 hours and can be deleted at any time. Most importantly, this status can be hidden and restricted to certain contacts if the user chooses to. 

  7. There are options to make live audio/video calling. This can be between individuals or groups.

  8. Other features like Archive and Block help the users to maintain their privacy. These features can also be undone. 

Add On Features In Your WhatsApp Clone

  1. Your WhatsApp clone, not just facilitating interpersonal communication but a perfect choice for business activities. The Business account facility allows the users to switch their account entirely for business and handle it in a more professional manner. 

The user can set up a separate account to manage.
Can integrate Google calendar to establish the operation time and date
Catalogs can be created for your business in the app.
Business contacts must be their customers, and it helps in managing the business effectively.

  1. The Delete Message feature allows the users to delete messages from their side. There are Delete for all and Delete for my options. 

  2. Now the app allows the users to Make Payments. This new feature allows the users to send and receive payments. Either through UPI, Netbanking, and others instantly. Direct transfer happens on the platform.

  3. Apart from sharing photos and videos directly in the app, it allows the users also to send and receive photos and videos for Once. Here once the following content is uploaded, the user can download and view the item sent for once only. 

What Can Be Brought Into Your WhatsApp Clone?

A messaging app like WhatsApp focuses on improvising their functions and abilities, and in such a manner, you can also concentrate on your app to make it a sustainable solution. 

  • New reaction features

Like that in other social media platforms, you can vest on developing a new reaction feature for messages for the users to share their exact fraction for the messages sent. 

  • Sticker maker

Like we have Stickers in WhatsApp, you can infuse features and functionality for users to create inbuilt stickers instantly in your app. This reduces third-party intervention, and through customized tools, they can simply create stickers at ease. This promotes creativity and eases the flow of communication in a much effective way. 

Get your App Developed with INORU

INORU being a pioneer in the field of developing apps, supports you to build your future. Our on-demand app developing process involves a lot of groundwork. We help you identify the outcomes and potential of the app you build and provide groundbreaking solutions to your business. Your app is more likely to adapt to any new feature and functionality with our white label solution. Moreover, they have the capability to bend for the business. We also help you launch your app under your banner. With a constraint time and cost, we help you achieve your requirements, and for a detailed process, reach out to us now!

Final Verdict

The more the market expands, the demand keeps increasing. And the more we technologically grow, the more the expectation it creates. The tech world requires instant updates instantly. That way, push your limits and get your WhatsApp Clone developed and launched with us to catch hold of the market and emerge as the Phenomenon in this techy world.

What more can be fed into your instant messaging app like Whatsapp?

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