Heetch Clone: How To Pitch Your Taxi Business In France With A Consummate Ride-Hailing App Like Heetch?

Heetch Clone

Heetch, a taxi-hailing app that is fondly operating in the city of romance, France. This taxi-hailing app is considered one of the massive competitors in the field of the taxi-hailing business. This gives an enormous competition to Uber and other apps like Chauffeur-Privé or LeCab in Paris, etc.

This cab-hailing app was initially launched as a prominent night ride-hailing taxi app in 2013. Later with its improvements and growth in the field, this app is now operating day and night. 

The most exclusive part of this taxi-hailing app is that it came into the market as a ride-sharing phenomenon and is extending its service around Europe with a similar strategy. 

The users benefited from this Heetch app model. The users are provided with the cheapest service. Say the cost of the ride is 30% lesser compared to other taxi ride-hailing services. And there are options to donate a few shillings after the ride. 

In terms of revenue, the app recently gained $500,000 Via-ID and is experiencing a steady growth in the past months. This app can also be stated as a successful startup that has experienced immense growth amidst the pandemic.

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Exclusive features through the app like Heetch

1.Affordable charges

The app doesn’t charge too high fare. They precisely list the charges. And the significant part is that this app facilitates the users with 30% lesser charges than other taxi apps in Paris.

2.Reasonable commission

The commission charges are meager. About 15% is only collected from drivers. This app is credited as the lowest commissioning taxi ride-hailing service app in town. 

3.Support team

The team provides 24×7 service to support the user at any time to resolve their issues and problems. With their flexible and timely service, the users conveniently clarified their queries. 

4.Ride scheduling

The user can schedule rides to a particular time. By feeding the destination from the pick-up point, the app automatically calculates the fare in a jiffy.

Working of apps like Heetch

With the Heetch app, it’s easy to get a ride within a less stipulated time. Let it be day or night, and there is not much of a price difference, which is uniform and steady. Thereby it maintains its stand as the lowest ride fare app in the Paris market.

1.The app is first downloaded and installed on the device.

2.The user provides login credentials, and they have options to use their social media login id. 

3.Once neutered the app, accesses the location of the user.

4.The driver, on the other hand, after verifying themselves in the app, the admin gives access to add them in the app as a vendor. 

5.The user sets his pick-up and drop location. 

6.The nearby driver is notified. They have options to accept or decline the ride.

7.Once they accept, the details of the users, destination, etc., will reach the driver.

8.The driver reaches the pick-up location. With an OTP, the user confirms their ride.

9.The driver reaches the destination, where the user makes the payment with their convenient mode.

10.And there, the process ends with the user reviewing and rating the ride experience. 

Add on features to cope with the situation

Apps like Heetch are operating successfully amidst the prevailing pandemic situation. To maintain safety and comfort, few additional features can be added to improve the performance and credibility of the app.

1.Precautionary check

Ensure the vehicle is thoroughly sanitized and the driver is at the pink of his health. By allowing only verified drivers, safety is guaranteed, and the riders take a chance to opt the app to take their rides. 

2.Mask verification

Only when the driver uploads a snap of him wearing the mask, is then approved to avail his services. 

3.Ride cancellation

The user and the driver can be provided with this option. When either of them doesn’t follow the norms, they can cancel the ride with no applicable charges. 

4.Online payment

Instead of making direct payment via cash or card, the user can make online payments through e-wallets, in-app payments, UPI, etc. 

Voice navigator

The app, with improved navigation facilities, can direct the driver through voice instead of just indicating the directions. 

Apart from this, many features can be incorporated into your business app. 

How are apps like Heetch feasible in Cities like Paris for Ride-hailing purposes?

As mentioned above, taxi-hailing apps like Heetch are the clock operator, having different sources of income benefiting both the driver and admin. 

1.The app receives a commission from the drivers.

2.As the app facilitates ride-sharing options, each rider pays their fare, and the driver is benefited from each pay. 

3.Through in-app advertisements, the app received a sort of income. 

In terms of revenue, there are more comprehensive options for the entrepreneur to boost his business activity. 

In terms of visibility,

1.The app facilitates ride-sharing options. From the user perspective, it’s an opportunity to reduce fares. 

2.This taxi app provides its service 24 X 7 so that the rider can make convenient trips at any time. 

3.The fare estimation option in the app regulates the exact price and is moreover acceptable by the users as fair fare.

By satisfying the basic requirements in terms of the app, this itself pulls in an increased rate of the audience into the app.

These statements make it clear that developing apps like Heetch to facilitate taxi riding facilities will be a success amidst the prevailing pandemic situation. For any entrepreneur in this field, this model will be a completely satisfying option to boost the business revenue. 

Final Verdict

Apps like Heetch are here to provide real-time solutions to benefit the user, driver, and admin through their ride-hailing service. Apart from other taxi apps that surge price depending on the demand, time, and other external attributes, Heetch clones have a broader opportunity to attract healthy users from the locality.

Entrepreneurs looking to establish your taxi-hailing serve a wider audience, developing your Heetch clone app can be the most suggested option. This app facilitates the admin to ease the business flow as every simple interaction in the app is notified and calculated in terms of business management.  

At INORU, we help you develop a full-featured Heetch clone app for your business operation based on the operating location. Here our clone script technology allows us to incorporate an advanced and improved features list to boost performance. Moreover, it makes the app more flexible and convenient based on the business requirements

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