Weedmaps Clone: How To Approach Online Cannabis Delivery Apps Like Weedmaps As A Revenue Model?

Weedmaps Clone

From the medicinal perspective, many drugs like Marijuana that were initially restricted are getting legalized under few circumstances. And now these have also turned out to be a great business opportunity, that many entrepreneurs show interest to invest here. 

But how to legally exchange Marijuana or the formerly known cannabis to the users? 

That is what we are going to look at in this article. We will focus on the best alternative solution for a cannabis facilitator that you can  choose amidst the prevailing pandemic situation.

With the increase in demand for weed, the pioneer enterprise started delivering it to their users/ patients via online delivery apps like Weedmaps. This strategy was also encouraged by the global audience. As the product became legal, why don’t we give it a legit status with the global improvements? And more importantly, for a business like Marijuana, the delivery has a lot of legal complications, and through digitized forums, it’s easy to compute and express the company’s transparency.

Where is Marijuana delivery legalized? 

As of now, there are 35 Countries like Canada, Germany, Israel, and others, legally accepted to sell Marijuana. And for recreational use, 15 other states are given permission. But with a license, this can be transported to any land. 

To get your license, several legalized formalities are included. Your state government must first approve the sale of Marijuana, and then it must accept you as a vendor. This is practically a tiring job, but going legit will only provide security to your business. 

There are different types of license, for distributors, sell, cultivate, and other. Choose your stream and follow the process. 

To quote, medical cannabis has been legalized in California since 1996. On the official website of the Bureau of Cannabis control, there will be different types of licenses listed. Retailers, distributors, testing labs, cannabis event organizers, etc. There are 14 unique documents you have to fill to receive a permit. And now, this process is completely eased through the online licensing system.

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The business model for your online Marijuana delivery app

The entrepreneur has two primary business models that they can invest and implement to grow their business. 

Single dispensary 

Marijuana Here you need to develop an app to sell your stock. The app is incorporated with a live tracking option. This option is exclusive for those who already grow Marijuana and have enough stock. It also provides the admin with the order listing and management option without any third-party invasion. 

Here by charging a fee for delivery and running paid ads related to the product, the app can monetize. With the growth of the delivery business, you can also monetize on developing your delivery service. 

Cannabis delivery marketplace

When you don’t cultivate medicinal Marijuana yet want to start a delivery business, switch to it. You can initiate an app that binds in stockholders and patients.

As a mediator, the business is carried out in your marketplace. Apps like Weedmaps are marijuana market facilitators. 

To monetize via the app, the entrepreneur can concentrate on the following list.

1.Charges for every order placed via the app

2.Paid promotion to cannabis vendors

3.In-app advertisements.

4.Subscription plans.

The other contrary model that can be implemented in this business is to be an Aggregate. Here you can monitor the business activities happening between the buyer and seller. The delivery person can also be monitored. Here is a meager instructor you carry out your business with. And you need not be much involved in the direct business activity. Moreover, you can facilitate the smooth flow of business transactions to the buyer and seller through your app. 

The revenue model for your online Marijuana delivery app

Listed below are a few revenue strategies that can be incorporated into your Weedmap clone app to traffic income. 

1.Commission and fees:

Entrepreneurs can charge the customer for satisfying them by availing of the required service. They also ease the flow of transactions, smooth and safe. The commission can also be charged on the store as you provide them a platform to carry out their business effectively. 


By posting relevant ads related to the product, you can gain direct income. As you provide them a space to promote their product, charges can be laid. 


By establishing subscription and membership plans on a monthly or yearly basis, the user benefits from prime services, and in turn, revenue flows in the app. 

4.Surge price:

Depending on the demand, the admin can make relevant changes in the prices. 

Cost of developing Weedmaps clone app

With the two marketplace and two different app users in mind, listed below are the significant factors influencing the cost of developing your business app that delivers marijuana.

1.Platform selection

To ease the flow of business, for it to be compatible is very important. For your brand to effectively perform, you have to choose the right platform. Either Android, iOS or hybrid mobile application, you have to decide.

2.Development regime

The developer usually decides the cost based on the time taken to develop. 

3.Features listing

The features and advancements you wanted to incorporate into your business also influence the cost of developing your marijuana delivery app. 

4.Third-party integration

While you plan to add more custom features to your app, it affects the cost of development. 

Final verdict

There have been a lot of changes in the legal costumes of delivering Marijuana. With the growth of e-commerce and on-demand delivery service, cannabis entrepreneurs are widely benefited. And through delivery service apps like Weedmaps, they took opportunities to flourish their business.

But to carter, the service via mobile app is not an easy task. To develop an on-demand service app with advanced technological improvements, it’s mandatory to choose legit developers.  

At INORU, we provide white-label solutions to your robust marijuana app like Weedmaps. With our clone script technology, we facilitate advanced solutions and help you develop cost-effective and time-efficient app. 

With the growing demand in marijuana sales, apps like Weedmaps clones are on par with an order. Developing your delivery app with INORU now will help you boom in the global market and increase your chance of boosting revenue and gaining international visibility.

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