Launch a Decentralized Self-Sustainable Crypto Launchpad with UniCrypt Clone

UniCrypt Clone

The emergence of blockchain technology has brought decentralized financing, which attracted a huge population towards it. The users of crypto and blockchain are increasing faster in the past years that it created a demand for De-Fi platforms. The entrepreneurs are taking this challenge to create a platform like UniCrypt for the growing user base. 

If you are an entrepreneur with a startup to jump into the world of Decentralized finance, you have landed in the right place. Here you can get every possible insight on developing a Decentralized Finance platform. You can just get started as soon as possible and take your first step today.

UniCrypt- A Self-Sustainable Launchpad

UniCrypt is a Multi-Service Decentralized Launchpad for budding projects to get listed. The centralized and decentralized project accelerators in the industry follow strict authentication and verification processes that many small innovative projects struggle to get listed. It is an autonomous platform that is launched to support early-stage crypto projects. 

It is relatively simple for the early-stage crypto startups to get listed in UniCrypt. To be listed, they must first launch the token and set a soft and hard cap. However, the launchpad only supports two rounds. After the project has launched its token and set the rounds for its presale, it will specify the currency it prefers to raise funds.

UniCrypt uses a Dual Token system with two tokens UNCX and UNCL tokens. However, the network requires both UNCX and UNCL tokens while the native token of the platform is UNC. the platform uses these tokens to control liquidity where UNCX is a deflationary toke and the UNCL is an inflationary token.

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What is a UniCrypt Clone?

Launching a decentralized launchpad like UniCrypt from scratch is a time-consuming process that may consume lots of resources. Our developers have come up with a pre-developed UniCrypt clone. It is a decentralized multichain launchpad offering interoperability with blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, and Polygon. Our decentralized launchpad, with its robust function, provides the users unrestricted listing and a safer environment for early investors. 

Functions of Our UniCrypt Clone

UniCrypt clone is a multi-functional and interoperable launchpad that offers various features that are unique to launchpad when compared to other centralized platforms. It supports early-stage fundraising of the projects and, at the same time, offers a safe and secured ecosystem for the investors avoiding scams and rug pulls. 

Our white-label solution is entirely customizable with features and functions of your choice. Our developers can raise a launchpad platform like UniCrypt in any of the blockchains you desire. Some rich functions are given below.

1. Liquidity Lockers

UniCrypt clone provides smart contracts for liquidity lockers, which allow project developers to lock liquidity for a certain time period publicly. This gives investors confidence that the developers are committed to the project and will not withdraw funds and create a scam.

UniCrypt is the inventor of liquidity locking, and it stands as an exemplary platform offering reliability. The early-stage investors can fearlessly participate in crowdfunding in a secure decentralized ecosystem.

2. Staking

The launchpad provides staking, which requires creating staking contracts that can reward the users to earn passive income from the blockchain projects they desire. The passive income for the users will reach them in the form of staking rewards. It will also allow the users to stake UNCL and UNCX for staking rewards in USDC/BUSD. 

3. Token vesting and Token Minting

As mentioned earlier, it is a multi-service platform that offers Token Vesting and Token Minting. Token minting services will enable the users to create their own token without the need for coding. It makes use of the ENMT (ERC-20 Non-Mintable Token) standard, which allows users to mint  ERC-20 standard tokens and non-mintable tokens only with a fixed supply. 

When it comes to Token Vesting, it allows project holders and investors to lock the project token to ensure the value of the project.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, the platform also offers Yield farming rewarding the users with Liquidity providers.

Features of Our UniCrypt Clone

Our developers have given the utmost attention to the development process to make it a feature-rich platform. Though you can customize the features, there are a few features that make our’s unique. They are

>> Most flexible payment gateway

Our UniCrypt clone offers the most flexible payment gateway to the users that it is a gateway for the users to access cryptocurrency through fiat currency. The platform attracts a global audience. The payment in the platform can be made through credit or debit cards, or through bank transfers and other feasible methods.

>> Hybrid Vault system

With the Hybrid Vault system in the clone script, the users can have complete control over their funds and they can manage their funds in an easy and comfortable way

>> Easy to use interface

Our UniCrypt clone is built with a simple and familiar interface that eliminates complexities making it suitable for beginners. The platform is secured with multilayer security and multifactor authentication offering a safe and steady environment.

>> Unique control mechanism

Monitoring and auditing the balance is made simple with the unique control mechanism. Balances and accounts can be monitored with a single click on the platform.

>> Easy crypto deposit and withdrawal

The users need not worry about crypto transactions. Our exclusive platform offers an interface to work directly with the public keys. All the deposit and withdrawal of the crypto is registered in the blockchain.

>> One-click ICO Investment

The platform offers the users a one-click ICO investment. The users can efficiently participate without any difficulties. Meanwhile, the projects can get listed easily by applying to the platform. 

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With the growing user base in crypto, launchpads are the most-wanted platform in the blockchain industry. 

At, INORU we have a dedicated team of developers who can build the launchpad of your dreams. We also offer marketing services to our clients to get the product we developed to the spotlight.

Looking forward to launching a crypto launchpad like UniCrypt Clone? Get in touch with our developers and discuss your ideation today. It is never too late to get in the blockchain race now.


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