SandBox Clone – Rule the Meta- Market with an impeccable NFT play to earn gaming solution

SandBox Clone - Rule the Meta- Market with an impeccable NFT play to earn gaming solution

You have a good business waiting. 23% hike in trading exchange value at Binance, the play to earn NFT gaming platform, Sandbox is a capable, creative space for gamers and creators to score. And it secures ‘A’ Grade in transparency with a 19.27% score in the recent trends. 

Meanwhile, is it just for creators? Nope! Entrepreneurs, you are the ideal creator, and we tend to give you solid solutions at INORU. Here we help you develop your creative Sandbox clone with extended abilities and functionalities. With the soaring popularity of NFT gaming spaces, you can etch your footprint in the crypto business by clutching the real with reel world abilities. 

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Before that, let us dig a little into Sandbox and its abilities that will best suit your business and focus on designing your NFT gaming platform like Sandbox. 

Sandbox – User Generative Ecosystem

Sandbox is a blockchain-based gaming solution integrated with three products providing a comprehensive experience on user-generated content (UGC) production. And this allows the creator to copyright their ownership on their content through the blockchain smart contracts. The soaring abilities of Sandbox back then in 2011 The Sandbox and 2016, The Sandbox evolution combinedly generated 40million users downloads across both iOS and Android devices. And this brought the insight of bringing in User Generator Content gaming IP in 2018. With a large community of creators on the blockchain ecosystem, the goal was to captivate the interest of vast gamers from various platforms to float into it, providing creators the authority to ownership on their creations as nonfungible tokens. 

Important Functionality Of Sandbox Encouraging Users 

  • VoxEdit 

A simple, user-friendly 3D voxel modeling and NFT creation package for PC and Mac for users is bought in to create and animate their NFTs (humans, animals, vehicles, foliage, tools, and items). These are general 3D pixels similar to building blocks and users with VoxEdit can design beautiful creations. The curated creations can be exported from VoxEdit to Sandbox marketplace as an NFT gaming asset. 

  • Marketplace 

The Sandbox NFT Marketplace allows its users and creators to upload, publish and sell their NFT creations from VoxEdit in this space. The creations are first uploaded and stored in the decentralized storage and then registered into the blockchain to prove ownership. And with successful completion of the process, the asset can now be listed for initial sale offering on the marketplace for potential buyers to seek and purchase. 

  • Game Maker 

NFt gaming Like Sandbox’s game markers allows the users to build their exclusive 3D games that require no coding or visual scripting tools to create unique games. This will enable creators to contribute widely to the emerging metaverse and digital crypto world with extensive creation interaction experiences. And the time of development is eventually less. 

Token Mechanism of SandBox like Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming platforms

A Gaming space vesting on real-life activities obviously venture on various tokens with different functioning abilities. 

ERC-20 token, SAND  is used within the platform. This is the basic one in the ecosystem used for all kinds of transactions and interactions. Being the native token of the platform, a 3billion total supply of token circulate in the platform. Besides the utility token, the user will have to own SAND to play, customize, buy Land, and trade assets on the marketplace. SAND being the governance token, it gives the users to vote on important decisions in regards to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structures. In addition to this, the users can also stake the token to create demand in the gaming space. And this can also bring in chances to find valuable rewards, including gems, catalysts, and rare assets. And the users, in order to acquire SAND, play various games and contests in the ecosystem. 

The next is LAND, a digital piece of real estate in the platform used by the players to buy Land and build their verse in their own space with games, assets, and many other purchase accessories. Each and every LAND is a unique Non-FungibleToken (ERC-721) operating on the public Ethereum blockchain. There is the option to bring two or more LAND to form ESTATES. The largest possible size here is 24 X 24. The LAND provides the players with monetization abilities along with gaming. For instance, the users can monetize by charging in SAND for other players to visit their Land, or host events, shows, etc. There are facilities for users to buy and sell LAND from other players and on cross platforms. 

The next is the ASSETS, created by players that are built and assembled by the users as UGC (user-generated contents). These ASSETS take up ERC1-1155 standard on the blockchain network with trading abilities on the marketplace. They possess the main utility in the platform that serves as creative elements under the game maker. 

All the assets and tokens in the platform are virtual tokens curated for digital scarcity with security and authenticity on the blockchain networks that are unique, distinct, indivisible, and non-interchangeable. 

The functionality of SAND Token 

  1. With SAND, users can buy assets, lands, estates, use them while transacting in the marketplace. The players spend SAND in playing games, buying equipment, customizing their avatars, and more.
  2. The SAND is the governance token allowing users to share their opinion with their voting right in terms of making major alterations in the governance decisions of the platform with the DAO. 
  3. By staking, users can provide passive revenue on Land and receive more SAND. they also have chances to grab exclusive gems and catalysts required to create assets 
  4. The fee capture model is 5% for all transactions carried out with SAND token, and it will be charged with 50% revenue hailing to staking pool as rewards for the holders who stake SAND and Foundation 50%. 
  5. The Foundation is a support to the ecosystem of SandBox like NFT gaming platform offering to incentivize high-quality interactive content and game production platform. Foundation is funding 15 games and 100+ artists int the platform to produce their NFTS in the public launch. 

We at INORU develop similar native tokens like SAND by instilling all the attributes that you name.

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Where to Develop A SandBox Clone? 

When you desire to flaunt the NFT market with a desirable choice, vest on building your play-to-earn NFT gaming space like Sandbox at INORU, we help you develop your gaming solution with ease. Our white label Sandbox clone created here is highly compatible, and it is quick to launch. Our varied customization features give the users and the players the ability to function in the platform easily. With a highly-abled NFT gaming space you can actually attain your grace in no matter time. And INORU will for sure be a connection for you to achieve your goal. 

Reach out to INORU to build your desired SandBox Clone with desired features and functionalities to rule the meta-market. 


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