Launch Your Upgraded Zoom Like App With ZApps – Enabling Efficient Third-Party App Integration And Filled With Premium Features

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How do you think an organization functions efficiently? How do the employees coordinate their work among themselves? Have you ever wondered about the vital medium that keeps them connected? Yes, in the lockdown season, video-conferencing apps have been of greater use to businesses, organizations, schools, and in many other sectors. 

Apps like Zoom succeeded in the market, mainly due to the convenience and instant connectivity they offer. Recently,  the Zoom app has rolled out a new feature called the Zapps. It enables quick integration of third-party tools to the video conference when required. Zoom has partnered with several third-party apps such as Salesforce, Slack, Coursera, etc. These apps will be a part of the Zoom app by the end of 2020. 

Now, are you interested in venturing into this sector? Do you need complete assistance to become a part of this market? Then, you have indeed come to the right place. Inoru has the most skilled developers who will design, develop, and launch Zoom and Airmeet clone app solutions for your business in a short amount of time. 

Feature-set of our Airmeet/Zoom clone app:

This section of the blog will help in getting to know the premium attributes that will provide a smooth, user-friendly, and engaging app experience for your users across the globe. The app has two major panels and a set of advanced attributes, as mentioned below:

User panel:


Users who are new to the app can sign up with the app by just entering their phone number or email ID. A quick registration process will help in attracting more users. 

User profile:

Users can access the profile settings after registration and set it in accordance with their preferences quickly. 

Host meetings:

Users will be able to host a meeting or session via the app by specifying the duration, privacy modes, and more. 

Change background:

Users will be able to change their backgrounds when they are in a video conference call. This way, your users will not have to worry about their surroundings anymore. 

Share codes:

Each meeting will have a different code using which users can join the session. This code can be shared among users when required. 

Meet scheduling:

Users will also have the facility to schedule a meeting by mentioning the necessary details such as date, time, participants, etc. 

Accept/Decline meeting invites:

The feature to accept user invites or reject them will be available for your users. If they do not wish to join a meeting, they can simply turn down the invite. 

Invite users:

Users can send an invite to other users requesting them to join the meeting or session. They can even choose multiple participants while sending out an invite link. 

Admin panel:

Powerful dashboard:

Admins will be able to use the set of tools and options available in the dashboard to navigate quickly through the app. 

User management:

Admins will be able to get access to complete user data and modify, update, or delete them when required. 

Meeting management:

All the sessions, webinars, meetings, etc., that take place via the Zoom and Airmeet clone apps can be monitored effortlessly by admins. 

Technical support:

Admins can also hire a few technical support specialists and provide support to your users at any time. This way, user queries, and concerns can be resolved quickly. 

Managing preferences:

The organizations that host their meetings via the Zoom/Airmeet clone app will have a set of admins. These admins can have full control over the operations and preferences of the meetings. The app admin will also be able to access these preferences if needed. 

Sub-admin creation:

Admins of the app can create multiple sub-admin accounts and allow them to manage each section of the video-conferencing app. 

Assigning tasks:

Admins will be able to delegate tasks to all the sub-admins available and provide access to certain data for managerial purposes alone. 


Admins can share information regarding scheduled meetings, invites, etc., via push notifications or text messages. 

Advanced attributes:

Encrypted app:

The Zoom and Airmeet clone solutions that we build are highly secure, and the end-to-end encryption technique is applied by our developers. This will eliminate the chances of any data breaches, hacking, etc. 

Multiple participants:

The video-conferencing clone app solutions will have the facility to accommodate 100+ and 1000+ participants to any sessions or meetings. 


Users will have the feature that will allow them to take notes when required in the form of pointers. They can use these notes for future references. 

Clip video segments:

Users will be allowed to clip certain segments of the meeting and view them later. 

Brightness settings:

If the room or surroundings in which the user is present is not bright or dimly lit, they can adjust the brightness setting available in the app to increase the lighting. 

End meeting:

Users will be allowed to leave a meeting whenever they want. Users who host the meeting will have the facility to end the meeting. 

Session analytics:

Hosts of the meetings will be able to view different analytics and reports related to past and ongoing sessions. It will help them obtain clarity on whether the meeting went well. 

Choose Inoru as your video-conferencing app development partner!

Our experts possess the best skills and knowledge in developing a Zoom and Airmeet clone app solution. We keep you informed throughout the development process and enhance the app regularly based on your suggestions. We will also indulge in integrating third-party tools or APIs if necessary. Our complete video-conferencing app development package services can be availed at budget-friendly rates. Reach out to us right away for detailed information on the app solution!

Launch Your Upgraded Zoom Like App With ZApps – Enabling Efficient Third-Party App Integration And Filled With Premium Features


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