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We all know that the major global crisis, as of now, is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been almost a year since the onset of the pandemic in several countries. Millions of people have been tested positive for the virus, and the total count is increasing with each day. To curb the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, people are advised to stay indoors as much as possible. Organizations have provided work from home facilities for their employees. This has pushed them towards using video-conferencing apps in order to stay in touch with their team. 

Regular interaction with teammates and managers is required when working with an organization. It will help in delivering a high-quality output that satisfies the complete set of requirements on time. So, video-conferencing apps like Airmeet have helped people connect effortlessly. The Airmeet app has been a success in the market, mainly due to the security and level of privacy it offers. Also, around a thousand users can join a meet concurrently. 

Many businesspersons may have the idea of setting up a video-conferencing app similar to Airmeet. But, launching an app like Airmeet from scratch is not possible for small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. So, this is where the Airmeet clone app solutions come into play. Several app developers in the market are providing apps like Airmeet to help business owners launch their venture at nominal prices. 

Pros of a video conferencing app like Airmeet:

The Airmeet solution offers a list of potential benefits that users can enjoy. These are also vital elements that will ensure your brand’s success in the market. You can include these attributes to entice more users towards your app. 

No download and registration:

Registration is very simple with an Airemeet app. Users need not download the app when they wish to join a meet or event. They can just tap on the link and be a participant in the meeting. Therefore, you do not have to be tech-savvy to use this video-conferencing app. 

Automated recording and storage:

This app will record the complete session or meeting from start to end at no cost. It will also be stored on the cloud after the meeting is complete. Users will be able to access any event or conference when required via the app. 

Multiple live speakers:

Another major advantage is that the app allows 16 live speakers simultaneously. In spite of multiple live speakers, the app does not compromise on quality. Distractions are very minimal, and focus is maintained on speakers to provide high-quality audio to users. 

Increased privacy:

When it comes to video-conferencing, privacy is one of the superior concerns. People prefer apps that guarantee a very low chance of privacy breaches. The high level of privacy and security the app offers is attracting more users towards it. 

End-to-end support:

Apps like Airmeent provides complete support to its users right from a meeting or event creation until going live successfully. The simple workflow of the app is allowing users of all niches to access the app effortlessly. 

Summing up:

Apart from these, there are multiple advantages and features that account for the success of video-conferencing app similar to Airmeet. You can also build and launch an Airmeet clone app with our experts at Inoru. We ensure your success in the market. 


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