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In the era of advanced digital technology, businesses and organizations prefer developing not just a highly-intuitive mobile app. Besides, they want to add life to it by having an app built with AR and VR technology. Are you a dedicated entrepreneur looking to build a virtual beauty app like Sephora? Well, you have reached the right spot. Here in this blog, we will help you launch a Sephora app drenched with outstanding functionalities reaching a large audience in the shortest time possible using our Sephora clone app.

What exactly is Sephora?

Over the last four decades, Sephora, the cosmetics retailer of personal care and beauty products, has been the best friend and beauty ally to most women worldwide. It features close to 3,000 brands with its private label, Sephora, offering beauty products including cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, beauty tools, hair care, body lotions,etc.

Reason for its tremendous growth and success

Sephora used shoppers’ data and used it effectively through market research. They discovered that users often use their smartphones when shopping at the retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations.

They understood that shoppers were often searching for outside product recommendations, product reviews, and affordable prices on the products they considered purchasing in-store.

With this demand and to bridge this gap, Sephora developed a Sephora app focusing on providing their users/shoppers with a mobile experience that caters to their needs and wants. The app is developed and designed with a virtual assistant or a Sephora sales associate providing product reviews, pricing information, and recommendations in a simple format, making it easy for a user to purchase products.

The primary reason for its success is personalization. Nobody does it quite like Sephora.

Why do people, especially women, go crazy over purchasing in Sephora?

One of the success factors and the most talked about features of the Sephora app is Virtual Artist. It takes personalization to a new level. Haven’t you understood yet? Okay, let us explain the feature in detail here.

The app comes with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature called Virtual Artist, which uses facial recognition technology allowing users/shoppers to try on makeup products virtually. This app’s beauty is that it either sends customers to purchase the products online or tells them where they can be found in the store.

Sephora’s app aims to give users the necessary tools to help them feel comfortable making a purchase- whether in-store or online, without speaking to a sales representative or research outside sources as they were doing earlier.

Virtual Artist – Finding your best look

To be precise, a Virtual Artist in the Sephora app uses augmented reality, letting customers ‘try on’ products like lipsticks, false eyelashes to see how they look and check if it suits them or not. When the user finds a look they like, they can save it to the app to easily access later.

Women know how difficult it is to figure out if a makeup product is right for them. But with Sephora’s Virtual Artist, the work becomes easier by taking some of the guesswork out of the equation, thereby making it super easy for shoppers to choose their best style and makeup shade that suits them.

New feature in Sephora app revolutionizing the makeup industry

Location based messages

This remarkable feature further added beauty to the Sephora app, just like a cherry on the cake’s top. In addition to the general personalized mobile alerts, Sephora also sends their users location-based messages.

For instance, if a new product is available in the market and select stores, Sephora sends message alerts to shoppers who live nearby. The app also sends relevant notifications/messages to Sephora users/shoppers as they approach a store location. It includes mobile exclusive deals and festive discounts, product suggestions, or events in that specific store.

It helps find your perfect product – Beauty Quizzes

Finding the right product to meet a beauty concern can be a daunting task. Sephora’s app has many features helping users find which product best addresses their concerns. These include product puzzles and quizzes recommending skincare, hair, or makeup products based on the user’s answers. While this helps them learn and identify which products are best for them, Sephora can collect valuable data from fostering future personalization.

What makes the app unique?

The makeup retailer Sephora introduced a Virtual Artist to its iOS app. This feature is developed in partnership with AR company ModiFace which scans the user’s face, figures out where their facial features like eyes, lips are, and lets them try on different looks. At present, they can play with only eyeshadows, lip colors, and false lash styles. If they like the look, they can buy it.

The app also has virtual tutorials that show them how to apply highlighter, contour, create a winged eyeliner. The best part is, it overlays the tutorial on your face.

Closing Thoughts

Now you must have understood why people go crazy using this app, especially beauty lovers. Hence, this is the right time for entrepreneurs to set foot in the beauty industry by developing a beauty app like Sephora.

The best and the most effective way to enter into this lucrative business and stand in the competitive market is to launch your virtual assist app like Sephora by purchasing an intuitive and user-friendly Sephora clone from the leading clone script service provider, Inoru. We offer you the exact beauty app that you wish for with all the essential features. Our Sephora clone is fully functional, customizable, and readily launchable. It helps you develop your app based on your business requirements.


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