Grow Into A Successful Business With Inoru’s Nextdoor Clone App

Nextdoor Clone

Everybody enjoys using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. They are the ideal tools to connect and socialize with people all over the world. From popular celebrities to favorite sports athletes, no one is off limits. But how often do people connect and fraternize with their neighbors and friends in their local community? Not often as you think so. Nextdoor, a ‘hyper-local social networking platform’ was the solution.

Created by four San Francisco-based developers in 2008 and launched in 2011, the app becoming a colossal success. Nextdoor allows users to log in and network with neighbors in their local communities. They could share posts, organize meetings and events, keep track of local businesses in the area, upload notices, and discuss concerns over a unified platform. An effortless and accessible method to know one’s neighbors.

According to 2020 stats, Nextdoor has received over $400M in financing, giving it a valuation of more than $2B. From a user’s perspective, the platform has grown quickly, with about 27M active monthly users and 236K neighborhoods, operating in about 11 countries. Since the app is not available to the rest of the globe, it is a huge, or rather once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses to make use of this good fortune and score high by being the marketer of this highly profitable app.

Now you might be wondering how exactly one might go about doing this. This is where Inoru’s Nextdoor Clone app solutions come in. What are the features necessary? How does one make money off this app and how can it be developed? These questions are answered here.

What Are The Features That Will Come With The Nextdoor Clone App?

Majorly, 3 groups of people use the app – local residents, local businesses, and neighborhood associations. So the app’s features will cater to their individual needs.

Easy login and an interactive user interface

The users of the app will be easily able to login or register by typing in their names, house/door number, and a few other basic details so that the app will be able to connect them with their neighbors. They will also be able to integrate their social media accounts with this app. The highly attractive UI that comes with this app will make using the app very handy to use for all ages alike.

Upload notices or invitations

Users will be able to post public notices regarding any concern in their locality ranging from asking owners to pay their taxes or asking a neighbor to stop her dog from wrecking the flowers. Invitations to parties, meetings, and public gatherings can also be uploaded on the app so users will be updated and up to date with the events in their neighborhood. Push notifications can also be sent through the app to let users know of upcoming meetings and events. They won’t be able to miss a thing even if they want to.

Virtual meetings

Not everyone will have the time or patience to attend community events and meetings. So the Nextdoor Clone app will come with a feature to conduct remote meetings and events that people can attend in the comfort of their homes. The feature will be able to support a large number of people, so no matter how big the community is, the app will accommodate.

Map of the neighborhood

This impressive feature will allow the users to easily navigate through their locality and identify local businesses or a particular neighbor they’d like to visit. It will also prove highly helpful for newcomers in that community to easily pinpoint a park, a grocery store, or a hospital with ease.

Privacy and profile settings

Since this is basically a social media app, users will be able to update, edit, and customize their profiles according to their wishes. The privacy settings option can be used to set their preferences of who can view their profiles and who can’t. They can have full control of how their profile is viewed.

Group chats

A highly appealing feature, the group chat option gives users the ability to text their friends and neighbors within the community. This can be used for a quick and fun chat, to post queries, and to ask or give help. Information regarding a local crime or a natural calamity or disaster can be shared and the users can share resources with each other accordingly.

New arrivals, offers, and other deals

Local businesses and shop owners can use this feature to upload their catalog list on the app. They can also display deals, discounts, and new arrivals on the app to let the local community know of their products and services and at the same time, grow their business.

How Does The Nextdoor Clone App Generate Revenue?

In-app advertisements are the main source of revenue for the app. Local business owners, large companies, and realtors can approach the app owners and pay a fee to display their offers, deals, and discounts in the app. This way they can gauge their reputation among the community and will ensure a continuous stream of revenue for the app.

The Nextdoor Clone app is free to use but the premium version of the app can be made accessible to users for yearly or monthly subscription fees. This way, they will be able to pay and avail of exclusive features of the app that will be worth the money they pay for. This fee is also an added source of money for the admin.

Campaigns and fundraisers can be organized to raise funds for a cause by both profit and nonprofit organizations by the admin, to which the app users can contribute. This too is another source of cash flow for the admin.

What Is The App Developmental Process Like?

Our Nextdoor Clone goes through a streamlined process of development to avoid hiccups and produce an end product that is more than worth its cost. The process begins with the

Requirement analysis

where your ideas and suggestions for the app are taken into consideration. Our team of developers at Inoru will ensure your vision for the clone app is captured and reproduced perfectly. This is followed by a planning phase where teams will be allocated and the roadmap for your project is drawn.

Next, the front and back end of the app is designed by our expert teams of developers who will outfit the app with an interactive and innovative UI/ UX and a highly functional back end with the latest tech stack that will ensure your app is in excellent shape for use.

The testing and launching of the app will be the next stage where the Nextdoor clone app is put through a series of strenuous tests that will establish the robust functionality of your app. Once the clear signal is received, the app is pushed to the launching stage which will ensure the app is made available for users to download.

Now that the app is on the way to success, a reliable post-launch support service is required. This will of course be provided for an affordable price. In case the app ever faces issues like bugs or glitches, the support team will swoop in and get the system up and running in no time.

Why Inoru Is Your Best Choice For A Nextdoor Clone App?

Our customizable and white label solutions are exactly what is necessary to put your business on a high pedestal to bring the most visibility to your brand. With over 14 years of experience in the app development industry, our accumulation of knowledge and skills are sure to tackle any problems that might occur in the developmental process. From the conception of the idea to the end result, our specialized team will ensure your app is highly scalable with multiple security features so that the user data is protected against hacks or breaches. Our effective and affordable prices are the best in the market with absolutely no compromise on the quality of the product. Trusting Inoru with your ideas for your Nextdoor Clone app will leave you with no regrets.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you make your mark in the remunerative world of social media apps.

Grow Into A Successful Business With Inoru’s Nextdoor Clone App


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