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In the current scenario of online purchasing, we tend to grab anything that we like to have. But who pays the bills? You can pay your customers’ bills by financing them with your PayL8r Clone. Yes, in this millennial era, everybody wants to shop online, which allows them to pay later for the purchases that they make. It is now the trend to buy now pay later which attracts all the people to shop online. What is a PayL8r Clone? Why should you choose an app like PayL8r? In this blog, we shall dive deeper into more about PayL8r Clone.

What Is PayL8r?

1.PayL8r is a buy now pay later application that allows the users to shop online anything by paying their bills.

2.It is witnessed that PayL8r is ranked as the top financing platform for the millennial community.

3.They offer more finance to their customers than any other UK retail finance
4.The list of customers of PayL8r includes customers that traditionally fail credit checks or have thin credit files.

5.After checking the complete background of the customers, including their affordability and credit future, not just their credit history.

6.Some of their achievements are PayL8r is accessed by 14 million millennials with 35% increased sales and 73% acceptance rate.

7.The variety of customers of PayL8r are categorized as 18 – 30 years olds, students, employees, self-employed, and retired.

How PayL8r Works?

1.Get PayL8r Link

The first step is to get the official link of the PayL8r from the stores once you decide to rely upon them to get the financial help. This link helps you to get the basic account setup done by collecting the required information.

2.Payment Process

Now, the users can choose the payment method, where they have to go to select deposit, installation plan, and complete the application form.


Once it is done, now the user will get the confirmation stating that the payment has been done and is ready to reach the users’ doorsteps.

4.Account Setup

Now, the user has to login into their account to check their purchases and the date of payment that they have to pay them.

Inoru’s PayL8r Clone – An Overview

PayL8r Clone is a similar app like PayL8r, which is a financing platform or a buy now pay later application that allows the customer to shop anything that they need through online platforms, where you’ll need to pay for your customers’ purchase. It has all primary features that are completely scalable and customizable that will best suit your business requirements.

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Why Should You Choose A PayL8r Clone?

1.Quick Payments

PayL8r Clone helps the users to make quick payments. So, it is very slick in getting the application and also swift payments, which will attract more customers to your business.

2.Exclusive For Millennials

PayL8r is completely focused on the millennial community. As PayL8r Clone is completely customizable, you can choose your target audience based on various demographic variables.


The users will choose your payL8r Clone as it will be completely risk-free as it gets all the necessary background checks to the users before committing to them.

4.Completely Optimized

The PayL8r Clone is a completely optimized application as it is available on mobiles, tabs, and desktop to access on all channels.

5.Seamless Integration

The app like PayL8r is designed with the necessary plugins, where custom integration will be provided according to the business requirements.


The PayL8r Clone does a complete background check before lending based on affordability and not based on the users’ credit history.


The app like PayL8r Clone is completely safe, where safety features are provided while integrating the users’ bank account with them. So, there is no worry when it comes to safety.


It is concluded that investing wisely in developing an app like PayL8r Clone will help you reach the horizons within a few days of launch. This is the right time to build a PayL8r Clone as the pandemic has attracted most of the crowd towards online shopping, which is a boon to grow your business and helps you sustain for longer periods of time. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, choose to go for an app like PayL8r  from the best application developers like Inoru. Inoru is a leading app development company striving hard to provide the best application solution to our clients. As we offer white label solutions, you can customize your PayL8r Clone according to your business needs. Reach us now!

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