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Practo Clone

We live in a technological world where we have completely relied upon the applications to meet the required services. In the case of healthcare needs, it would be great to avail the services online through a Practo Clone. Yes, the Practo Clone app is what emerging entrepreneurs should keep in mind while planning to start their healthcare business in the market. Earlier, the patients had to stand in huge queues to consult the doctor or to get an appointment from them. You can now build a well-crafted Practo Clone script that will act as a platform to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by connecting them online. Inoru’s Practo Clone is an on-demand healthcare platform that allows users to communicate with doctors and frontline healthcare workers to get consultations online with just a few clicks. In this blog, we shall now know more about the Practo Clone.

Why Practo Clone Is The Need Of The Hour?

It is said that all over the world, fewer people are accessing healthcare needs, while the rest do not have access to it. All lives matter! Yes, it is essential that all the people living across the globe should have a means of approach to get their healthcare needs done. Some of the statistical figures show the necessity of starting a healthcare business is the topmost priority today!

1.It is witnessed that 66 percent of the U.S. health systems will provide online scheduling through healthcare applications.

2.It will be witnessed that 64 percent of the patients will schedule appointments online.

3.It is projected that the value of online appointment scheduling will be around $3.2 billion, and 986 million doctor’s appointments will be scheduled independently.

4.According to the global statistics of healthcare, the mHealth market is projected to reach USD 111.8 billion by 2025.

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Benefits Of Developing A Practo Clone For Your Business

When it comes to building a Practo Clone, you must eventually know the advantages of incorporating an app like Practo in your business. Some of the perks of developing a Practo Clone are as follows.

1.Swift Consultation

The user can quickly consult the doctors without any delays where the consultation booking is completely made online with only fewer steps.

2.Easy Appointment Scheduling

The appointment can be scheduled online, which makes the customers’ book appointments as quickly as possible on the required date and time, making it more hassle-free.

3.Quick Bill Payments

As the entire process is made online, the bill payment can also be made quickly via the online bill payment feature in the Practo Clone. 

4.Easy Access To Medical Reports

The user can upload their medical documents to their profile. So, this makes it easy for the doctors to get an overview of the health condition of the patients by accessing their medical records.

5.Safe And Secure

The medical record and the personal information of the patient are kept safe and secure as nobody can access the users’ data other than the doctors.

6.Round The Clock Service

The user can avail complete healthcare services at any time they want. Hence, if there is any urgency, they can straight away contact the doctors in case of emergency.

7.Brand Reputation

If you are building the Practo Clone in the current circumstances, your business will definitely grow, and your brand will be recognized quickly as people will start to take up your services as you launch your application in the market.

Strategies To Build An Advanced Practo Clone App

Every business needs to follow a set of strategies that will accelerate its venture to grow and achieve a skyrocketing success. Some of the business strategies to follow while developing an app like Practo are given below.


Concept creation is the first step in strategizing, where you must visualize the perfect idea to draft a blueprint for the business.

2.Market Research

You should start the business in a common marketplace, where you’ll have to study the current trends and also the competitors to get an overview to have a clear picture of the business market.

3.Focus On Target Market

The business should always know its target audience, where you must plan on which category of customers will you have based on various demographic variables such as age, gender, income, ethnicity, etc.,

4.Planning Your Finance

Finance is a must when it comes to starting a business. Hence, before starting your business, investment is the most important thing where you can choose to raise funds for your business.

5.Technological Development

Today, every business has its own website or application that paves the way to stand out unique amongst your competitors. In the case of a healthcare business, it is a must to develop a Practo Clone with customizable features from the best application developers in the business market. 


It is finally concluded that building an app like Practo Clone for your healthcare business will increase your brand awareness. In the current scenario, business professionals should choose to come up with new technological advancements into their business to eventually earn more profits quickly. We at Inoru provide a similar app like Practo with all the primary features. Inoru’s Practo Clone is a ready-to-launch and customizable application that is available at affordable prices. Choose wisely! Choose Inoru! Get your personalized Practo Clone from us now!

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