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Rakuten Clone

Who wouldn’t love shopping? You must have answered this question by nodding your head gesturing with a big yes. But what if we say there is something more interesting than that. Haven’t found the answer yet? Well, here you go. Getting paid for shopping!! Do you say it is not possible? Well, it is with the cashback reward app, Rakuten.

It is a universal fact that people expect offers, coupons, and discounts everywhere. Of course, who doesn’t want to purchase high-quality products at a discounted price? As long as people exist, the craze for offers and discounts will never cease to exist. People these days like to explore various online stores to shop. No matter what or where they purchase, they always want to save money while shopping. 

Be it purchasing by going to stores or online shopping; people always expect to get products at an affordable cost. Even you do. Don’t you?

Why should you be developing a cashback app – Rakuten?

These reward programs aren’t new ones. However, technology is shaping its form and reinventing them.

People prefer saving money in all aspects. So, developing a cashback app like Rakuten majorly helps your users save money and also beneficial for your business to serve global users.

Before we move further, let us see what the Rakuten app is all about


It is an online app-based service for shoppers giving cashback when they make any purchase using a Rakuten link.

It is formerly known as Ebates. Its main objective is to help people save money while shopping online.

It is nothing but an affiliate marketing business, meaning companies pay a certain amount to Rakuten to send people to shop on their online stores their way.

Time to get your business started with Inoru’s trendsetting Rakuten clone 

Now that you understand the huge demand the app has and the never-quenching desire to shop online, it is time for entrepreneurs like you to develop a reward-based e-commerce platform, Rakuten. 

Are you looking to kick-off your e-commerce business and want to entice more users to your app by offering exciting rewards and cashback? Then get hands-on with the renowned and best clone script service provider, Inoru, providing an impeccable Rakuten clone app enriched with customizable features and crucial modules.

Our clone app is built with up-to-date features and with cutting-edge technology, thereby enabling your business to stand unique from the counterparts and helping you reap huge profits in no time.

Here in this blog, we will bring few features and other attributes to your knowledge by lifting the veil of our unique Rakuten clone app.

Workflow of our Rakuten app


At first, users sign up by registering their credentials or by using their active social networking sites.

Browsing products

Now, users can go through a wide range of products and online stores/registered sites.

Apply Coupon code

Users can avail themselves of various offers or cashback available on the specific product.

Money transfer

Get your payment transferred. The cashback amount is now directly deposited into our user’s active bank account.

The revenue streams of Rakuten clone

Our Rakuten clone is integrated with the effective revenue models, thereby benefiting your business to earn a substantial income consistently.

Advertising fee

It is a known fact that, in general, cashback sites attract massive users. This effective revenue model permits you to lease out the in-app ad spaces like banners, blogs, ads, and much more.

Transaction fee

We have integrated this remarkable revenue model allowing you to earn a substantial amount for every single transaction occurring through the site.

Hosting fee

This revenue-generating model enables you to charge merchants a hosting fee for featuring their products or services on your app.

Pre-packed features inculcated in our Rakuten clone

Everyday offers

With this feature in our Rakuten clone, users can discover and avail of various deals, discounts, and offers seamlessly.

Push notification

An automated mail alert hits up your user’s registered mail depicting their cashback status and their availed coupons. With this feature, your users are updated about the daily deals via email.

Fraud detection

This incredible feature identifies the entries signing in from the same IP address and are marked as spam and banned from accessing.


This feature facilitates users to save their favorite products and stores they are interested in. Later, they can purchase products from them.

Cashback purchase

Our Rakuten clone is developed with this feature enabling your users to access multiple cashback offers on different types of products offered by diverse sellers/merchants.

Trending deals/offers

The hot deals and offers of the day or week are showcased to the users and specific details, validity, and terms and conditions.

Why should you collaborate with Inoru – Benefits of developing a cashback app using our Rakuten clone

1.On-time delivery

2.Round the clock support

3.Fully customizable solutions

4.Built with the latest technology

5.Bug-free and advanced clone app

6.Post-launch support

Wrapping Up

Hence, expedite your business and create a massive customer base in your e-commerce platform with our updated cashback app solution, Rakuten clone


Rakuten clone – Get your business started by developing a cashback app

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