Set Foot In The Monetarily Beneficial Ecommerce Industry With A Robust Amazon/Flipkart Clone App

Ecommerce is one of the most income-yielding industries in the world. People are highly dependent on these platforms for several needs. Apps such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc., are a few well-established brands that serve millions of users across the globe. You can also build one such ecommerce platform with the help of the Amazon clone app & Flipkart clone app solutions provided by Inoru, a leading app development firm in the market. 

Key factors to consider when building an ecommerce app:

Before proceeding to develop an app like Amazon or Flipkart, you should analyze and finalize a few factors that will help you launch an optimized app solution for your end-users. 

Perform a market analysis:

Building an app or software requires thorough market research in order to under the requirements and expectations of the users. So, the company that you opt for should have a team that comprises the most skilled business experts who will help render a report on market trends, statistics, revenue, user interests, and more. Based on the outcome of the research, you can decide on the goods that you wish to sell, vendors you need to partner up with, regions in which you will launch your app, and many more factors. 

Finalizing the feature-set:

As we all know, features are a crucial part of any application. Especially ecommerce apps need to be user-friendly and glitch-free in order to provide an engaging shopping experience for all your users. Decide the features and launch the app at the earliest to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. You can even launch a minimum viable product and then proceed to enhance the app after a few months. 

An appealing UI design:

An attractive and user-friendly UI design is sure to entice more users towards your Amazon/Flipkart clone app in a short period. The front-end interface of your app is the first screen with which your users will interact. So, it is essential to impress them in the first five seconds. Failing to impress them initially will drive away users from your app. So, make sure you hire the best developers in the market to build an attractive ecommerce app solution. 

Choose the major platforms:

When launching an ecommerce app, you should finalize the major platforms on which you will make your app live. Most businesspersons opt for launching the app on Android as well as iOS platforms. Acquiring users from both platforms will help you generate more revenue. Launching your app on a single platform is also a customer-losing factor. Make sure you use the relevant tools and programming languages to build an app that is compatible with both platforms. 

Effective marketing services:

Marketing your app is one of the essential stages in app development. Only the right marketing strategies will help you reach a wider audience in no time. The market research phase will also help you in understanding how you can market your app. You can hire a dedicated marketing team to help you with different phases of marketing. Including a feedback section in the app will also help you in gaining clarity on what customers require. 

Innovative features of an ecommerce app:

The Amazon/Flipkart clone solution that we build will consist of four role-based panels that are feature-rich and easy to navigate through. The feature-set of all the four crucial panels available in our solution are listed below:

User app:


Users will be able to log in via their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts.


They should complete the authentication process by entering the OTP they receive.

Browse products

Users can then search for the products or go through the list displayed.

Advanced filters

Multiple filters can be applied to find the right product.

Wishlist products

Users can mark their favorite products and move them to the Wishlist.

Add to cart

Users can also move the products they need to purchase to the cart.

Share products

Users can share any items they like with their friends and family.

Secure payments

Users will have multiple secure payment options to pay for their purchase.

Track order

Users can track their orders and their status via the app.

Ratings and reviews

Users can also rate the product and provide reviews when needed.

Vendor app:

Quick registration

Vendors can register with the app using their email IDs or phone numbers.

Upload products

Vendors can upload the list of items they sell to the app.

Add photos and videos

They can also add photos and videos of the products quickly.

Specify descriptions

Vendors can also include a short description of each product they upload.

Vendor profile

Vendors can create a page that consists of all their products in a single space.

Add address

They can add their store address to their profile when required.

Offers and discounts

Store owners can also provide offers or coupons to users via the app.

Answer queries

Vendors will be able to answer user queries directly.

Sales history

The number of products sold, revenue, etc., can be viewed on the sales history page of the app.

Delivery executive panel:

Easy onboarding

Delivery executives can register with the app using their social media handles or phone numbers.

Set work timings

Delivery agents can set fixed work timings as per their availability.

Scheduled delivery

They can access the list of deliveries scheduled for the day.

GPS navigation

Directions to the customers’ locations will be provided via GPS navigation systems.

Delivery history

Delivery agents will also be able to view the list of successful deliveries via the app.

Earnings history

Delivery executives can track their weekly, monthly, or yearly earnings by navigating to the earnings tracker page available in the app.

Admin panel:

Effortless login

Admins can log in to the app with the credentials provided to them.

View requests

Admins will also be able to get access to the list of requests placed by the customers.

Admin dashboard

Admins will have a set of tools in their dashboard to help them with efficient management.

User management

They will have access to customer, delivery executive, and vendor details at any time.

Provide offers

Admins can also offer discounts and coupons to customers via the app.

Manage ads

Admins can allow other brand owners to host ads on the ecommerce platforms.

Send alerts

Admins can send alerts regarding offers, new arrivals, etc., via push notifications.

View reports and analytics

Admins will also be able to view reports and analytics based on revenue, the number of users, etc.

Summing up!

This blog will give all the entrepreneurs an outline of how to develop an app and the essential features to be included in the app. With these informative insights into consideration, you can launch an app that will become an instant hit in the market. Find the best developers in the industry and discuss all your ideas with them to set up your ecommerce venture in no time. 


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