An Economically Viable Dream11 Clone App – Simplified roadmap and standard Features

Dream11 clone

The fantasy sports sector has become a globally acclaimed market that generates high revenue every year. Each day, it is progressing towards sustaining as a thriving business in the gaming industry. Apps like Dream11, MPL are a few established brands in the market that are being used by millions of users around the world. These fantasy sports platforms allow people to play the desired sport with all their favorite players. Also, it provides an amazing betting experience that users love. These are the vital factors due to which the industry is a huge success. This blog also has a few stats included to give you an idea of how flourishing the sports sector is.

1.   The fantasy sports market size will rise to $7.62 billion by the year 2022.

2.  More than 59.3 million people make use of the fantasy sports app across the globe.

3.  Around 21% of the US population are a part of any one of the sports apps.

4.  The total number of app users is expected to spike to 100 million by the end of 2020, out of which 30% of users are from India.

5.  A user spends an average of 42 minutes per day playing games via fantasy sports apps.

6.  At least one new fantasy sports brand is launched in the Indian market every week.

7.  Out of all brands, Dream11 has the highest user base of 20+ million in the market.

You can also step into the fantasy sports sector with a cutting-edge Dream11 clone app developed by the most experienced set of business analysts and developers at Inoru. Our team has years of expertise in this field and will ensure to build a monetarily successful fantasy sports app for your venture.

An optimized app like Dream11 – How does it function?

Our experts are aware of the fact that only an app that is easy to use will reach a wider audience in the market. So, our tail-made solutions include an optimal workflow that will enable users to play any game with just a few taps on their smartphones.

1.  Gamers or users should download your app from the app stores and install it on their devices.

2.  They should then register for free with the app by specifying the required details such as name, age, etc.

3.  Users will then have to complete the authentication process and proceed to choose a sport of their choice.

4.  They can then pick out the players they need, and the number will be limited to the sport chosen. Certain limitations have to be followed when choosing the players.

5.  The app will also have the facility to help you set a budget that can be used to choose players. Each player will have a separate credit, and the budget points will decrease once users start picking out players.

6.  Users can then get access to the list of tournaments and can choose any one of their choices. Admins will also be offered the feature to imply restrictions on the winning amount and the number of teams that can contest in a tournament. Users will also be able to create a tournament of their choice via the app.

7.  On choosing an available tournament, users will have to pay the entry fee via any one of the secure payment options available in the Dream11 clone app.

8.  After the match is over, the user with the highest number of points in the tournament will be declared as the winner. The prize pool will then be shared based on the tournament limitations set by the admin.

Features that empower our app like Dream11:

The fantasy sports solution that we build will have two individual panels – User app and the Admin app. A premium feature-set will surely attract more users to your app. Attributes included in the app should make it a less time-consuming process to play the game. Therefore, a few integrated attributes that enable easy navigation are specified below:

User app:

1.  Easy registration

2.  Build user profile

3.  Choose a sport

4.  Build a team

5.  Create/Participate in tournaments

6.  Referral rewards

7.  View gaming history

8.  Social media account integration

9.  Secure payment gateways

10. Customer support services.

Admin app:

1.  God’s eye view.

2.  Quick login

3.  Manage users

4.  Manage tournaments

5.  Revenue management

6.  Advertising

7.  Create offers and discounts

8.  View reports and analytics

Other additional features:

1.  In-app advertising

2.  Live score update

3.  Push notifications/alerts

4.  Multi-language support

5.  KYC/AML Integration

Build your app development team with us!

To venture into the fantasy sports market with one such customized Dream11 clone app, you can approach the experts at Inoru. Our professional experts will walk a mile ahead to help you launch a leading-edge fantasy sports app solution in the market. Speak to our team right away to build your money-making venture.

An Economically Viable Dream11 Clone App – Simplified roadmap and standard Features


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