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We know you must have had a long journey and had done in-depth research in learning about the Shopee app. Well, you don’t have to search anymore, for you have landed at the right place. Here in this blog, we will walk you through knowing about the Shopee app and how businesses can develop an app like them? Without delaying further, let’s get reading.


What is all the fuss about Shopee?


Shopee is one of the leading mobile eCommerce online marketplaces in Southeast Asia. It started its journey initially as a consumer to consumer (C2C) platform. Later on, it evolved into a B2C marketplace concentrating on serving users across the region. It is an online shopping portal intended to promote the online buying and selling of goods.


Shopee’s expansion & its growth


Shopee, an ecommerce platform, was established in 2015, offering their users a comfortable, secure, and swift online shopping experience via substantial payment and logistical support. It was first launched in Singapore and has expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Within four years from its launch, it has become one of the promising marketplaces in Southeast Asia. Having more than 80 million entrepreneurs on Shopee, it has become a vast eCommerce destination where buyers and sellers meet. 


Justifying reports on why people prefer using an online platform


The rise of online stores has increased tremendously because people are spending more time online than ever before. Most people shop online as internet usage has increased. The growth/proportion of spending time online has elevated threefold over the past years. 


E-commerce plays a significant role in everyone’s lives. It is redefining all the commercial activities around the world.  


The analysis made by PwC and the Local Data Company observed that the number of new stores opening in the market is decreasing, the number of closures is increasing.  


According to the recent report from the BRC-Springboard Footfall & Vacancies Monitor, the number of users visiting bricks-and-mortar stores has seen a downfall of 10% over the past seven years. It is evident from the above stats that online shopping has increased, and people are choosing to buy more of their goods online across all main sectors. 


To be precise, it is an online shopping portal where users can browse a wide range of products available on the app, shop, and sell. It is an online marketplace enabling users and businesses to buy and sell goods. 


The company’s shopping portal offers more than 80 billion products across a wide range of categories, facilitating users to buy any products of their choice with secured payment options like cash on delivery, credit/debit card, net banking. 


Payoneer and Shopee have partnered together to offer easy and secure transactions for users and sellers. Since Shopee is integrated with logistical and top-notch payment support, this platform makes online shopping easy and secure for both sellers and buyers.


The unique function of Shopee


They launched a website to compete with other well-known e-commerce websites in the region like Lazada, AliExpress, and Tokopedia. To stand out from their counterparts, they introduced their own escrow service, Shopee Guarantee, where it withholds payments to their sellers until buyers have received their orders offering online shopping security through this service.


Shopee runs on a simple yet effective competitive module. It not just allows users to buy products but also lets your products/reseller’s products get listed on it and lets the users buy it. When it began, the big players like Lazada, 11 Street, Lelong were already topping the Southeast Asian region. 


So to sustain in such a competitive environment, they provide extra benefits that attract sellers. They opted for a zero commission and zero charges module. Meaning they don’t have to pay any fees to Shopee. Neither for listing their products nor when their products sell. The profit gained will be utilized only by them. Now, Shopee bridges the gap between sellers and buyers.


Following are the most popular categories people prefer to shop on Shopee.


     1.   Women’s fashion

     2.   Babycare/Toys

     3.   Men’s fashion

     4.   Food & Beverages

     5.   Gadgets and Electronics

     6.   Beauty products and Cosmetics

     7.   Accessories for pets


We firmly believe by now, you got clarity and understood the tremendous growth and outreach of the app. Do you also want to create a benchmark in the online shopping marketplace by developing an app like Shopee? Just like how you got clarity about the actual operation of the Shopee app, in the following, we will guide you through launching a successful and unique online shopping platform like Spotify enriched with pivotal features and functionalities.


Dive deep into the blog leading you towards a successful journey building an app like Shopee.


Launch your online shopping marketplace with Inoru’s Shopee clone


Plunge your business in the e-commerce marketplace by developing your app with the Shopee clone app. You may wonder to whom I can approach and launch the Shopee app effectively. Well, kickstart your business by implementing your business ideas with the leading and renowned clone app development company, Inoru helping you deliver the app in the shortest time possible, thereby reaching a global audience in no time due to its highly intuitive user interface and the quality of the app.


Features that distinguish our Shopee clone from the rest


     1.   Live tracking

     2.   Wishlist

     3.   Social media sharing

     4.   Easy product navigation

     5.   Live chat

     6.   Multi-payment gateway integration

     7.   In-app alerts

     8.   Feedback column

Types of ecommerce applications you can build using our Shopee clone.


Our Shopee clone is capable of developing an app for any of the following business requirements. 

     1.   Business- to- Business (B2B)

     2.   Business-2-Customer (B2C)

     3.   Business-2-Administration (B2A)

     4.   Consumer-2-Consumer (C2C)

     5.   Consumer-2-Business (C2B)

     6.   Customer-2-Administration (C2A)


Revenue-generating streams -Shopee clone app


Store fee

We integrated this business model where you can charge your sellers who are starting a store for themselves on your platform. Charge a fixed fee and commission for every product they sell to the buyers of your app. This revenue model helps your business generate revenue consistently.


Commission fee

This profitable model provides massive revenue for your business by a commission fee on every transaction that happens through your multiplatform marketplace.


Third-party ads

Arguably, the most effective model where you can charge other businesses who approach you to showcase their ads, digital banners, and other promotional materials on your platform.


In a nutshell


Hence, get your hands on with Inoru’s impeccable Shopee clone, helping you build a robust and user-friendly Shopee app. Join hands with us, offering a customizable app at a reasonable price, ensuring your business grows exponentially in the market.


Amplify your e-commerce online marketplace by developing an app like Shopee

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