Uber Clone – Why Developing An Uber Alternative App In 2021 Can Lead You To Triumph?

Uber Alternative App

“Hey Taxi”, A common phrase used by most of us standing in the streets, in front of cafes, malls, stores, or pubs. We always had to walk down to the busy streets and keep waving our hands and shouting from the bottom of our stomach, “Taxi, Taxi.” But things are not the same anymore, and let’s thank our brilliant mobile devices and the high-speed internet, we guess they are racing to beat the speed of light someday. Yeah! Now people get to relax comfortably in their bean bags and book a taxi using our mobile devices and keep tracking them so that we know exactly when we have to pick ourselves off the bean bag and get ready for the ride. 

It’s cool, comfortable, secure, and many more, but wait, did we miss something? Yes, it is a bankable business. The taxi-hailing business is now a million-dollar business. The global taxi-hailing market was valued to be USD 113 billion in 2020, pretty huge, right? But the story doesn’t end there; it is anticipated to reach a whopping USD 230 billion by 2026, with a steady cumulative growth of 8.75% in this period between 2021 to 2026. Are you an entrepreneur? Because if you are, you better open the calendar on your mobile device, and to your surprise, you will find the year is 2021. This gives you enough time to leverage from a surging market.

So, now you are thinking, how is it possible right? Like all the new-age businesses today, you need an app instantly. Oh, now, you are thinking of building an app from scratch, a brand new taxi-hailing app like none ever existed. Let us be straight here, to build such an exemplary original app, it will take somewhere between one to two years or more. You are susceptible to miss a huge fortune you could make this time. But we got you covered. Have you heard of an Uber clone app? Ok, you don’t have to go and google it, just keep reading.

What Is An Uber Clone App?

Uber clone is a ride-hailing app allowing customers to book their taxis in a few taps on their mobile device. It is a ready-to-launch script that is already built with the best features similar to the globally acclaimed taxi-hailing app, Uber. It is more like an Uber alternative app. The best part is, it is 100% customizable, which means it can be designed in a way that resonates with your business in a unique way with your logo and the color pattern used in it. 

Also, the features your business does not require can be removed, and if you have a unique idea for a feature that would sweep your customers off their feet, we can do that for you. In simple words, a Narnia door to enter the taxi-hailing market instantly. Hope you know, you are Kings, Prince, and Princess on the other side. 

So, Now let’s insight you on the pertinent features of an Uber alternative app.  

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Pertinent Features Of Uber Clone App

1.Effortless Sign-Up

The reason you built an app is to save the time of your customer, so you practice that right from the onboarding process. Let your users log in using any of their social credentials.

2.Geo-Tag Location

Once your users are on board, let’s tag their location with their permission. So, you can send the taxis to their location with no confusion.

3.Book A Ride

This is the main event here. The user tags their pick-up and drop location and taps to book a ride. 

4.Multiple Payment Options

Not all users prefer the same payment method; some go with net banking, some with credit/debit cards, and some with e-wallets. So, let’s keep all the options open.

5.Schedule A Ride

Everyone has meetings and events to attend, and in these cases, pre-planning is always wise. You offer them the opportunity to pre-plan their ride by scheduling it.

6.Real-Time Tracking

You don’t leave your users hanging at the end clueless about when their taxi will be at their door. Amaze them with real-time tracking, so they know where their taxi is at this moment.

7.Share Location

Some customers out there may feel insecure riding a taxi alone in the middle of the night. Let’s make them feel safe by allowing them to share their live location with their friends and family.


Your beloved customers deserve to know about all the upcoming offers and discounts. Let’s keep them notified. 

We’ve put up a lot of information about Uber clone, the opportunities it has for you, and more, but we haven’t yet discussed why you should partner up with us in this venture.

Why Should Inoru Be Your Partner In Your Venture?

1.Free Server Installation

2.Free Deployment in Android and iOS stores

3.Free Bug Support

4.Native Scripts compatible with all devices

5.Round the clock support

6.An analytic dashboard in your admin panel

What Are You Subscribing To When You Join Us For Uber Clone App Development?

1.A User Android/iOS app

2.An Android/iOS app for the driver

3.An admin panel

Final Thoughts

This has been a long story, but not to forget, this can be the story that gives life to your entrepreneurial dreams. So, now that you have a vague idea of what an Uber Alternative App is, what its features are, how it is to be developed, and why you should partner up with us, you better hurry and make a call, so you could know more. Yes, this is more like the preface of the story, and it has a lot to it. The switch that turns you into an entrepreneur is the call you make us. Happy entrepreneurial journey!


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