Boomplay Clone – An Enthralling Music Streaming Application!

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Music is an inseparable part of our life! Wherever we go, music is what we need to calm ourselves in our monotonous daily lives. You can now provide unlimited music to music lovers by investing in a Boomplay Clone. Yes! The entrepreneurial dream can now be transformed into a reality by starting a music streaming service that will be a popular one in the future. But, how can you invest wisely in developing the best music streaming app like Boomplay? It is now possible to do so by purchasing a ready-to-launch application that is the most cost-effective choice for emerging entrepreneurs. So based on the clone application that you choose for your venture decides the functionality and workflow of the application. In that case, Boomplay Clone is the right choice for you! In this blog, we shall now dive deeper to know more about Boomplay Clone. 

What Boomplay Is All About?

What is the Boomplay app? Boomplay is a popular music streaming download service owned by Transsnet Music Limited. It is currently the fastest-growing music community, lifestyle, and entertainment application. It has millions of songs, videos, and entertainment news that connect all the music lovers in one place. It currently has more than 50 million monthly active users, and the app has been downloaded over 100 million times on the Google Play Store. They can stream all kinds of music and songs at any time and anywhere. Boomplay aims to be the most sustainable digital music platform in pan-Africa & African business markets. The users can stream or download their favorite music, songs, and videos allowing its users to stream and download their favorite songs and videos. Also, it allows the users to subscribe to flexible daily, weekly or monthly plans to access premium features such as ad-free streaming.

What Is A Boomplay Clone?

Inoru’s Boomplay Clone is a replica of the Boomplay app that has all the similar features of the application that can be customized based on the needs of the business. Like Boomplay, you can also become a successful music streaming application in the business market. What will be the vibrant features of the Boomplay Clone?

Become A Market Giant With Inoru’s Boomplay Clone!

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Key Features Of Boomplay Clone

The primary features of the Boomplay Clone that can be customized are as follows.

1.Download music

2.Unlimited Music

3.Favorite Songs

4.Watch Videos

5.Curate Personal Playlist

6.Follow Fellow Users

7.Listen to their favorite celebrity’s music

How Can You Fill Up Your Pockets With Our Boomplay Clone?

How can you make money with the Boomplay Clone? The Boomplay music app helps artists and content providers in monetizing their content effectively. The monetization methods such as the following.

Paid Streams

When it comes to the paid streams, the subscribers will have to pay for the music that they stream. Based on that, you will get paid a share of Boomplay’s subscription revenue. Based on the number of user subscriptions, the payments get fluctuated on how often your music was streamed.

Paid Downloads

The paid downloads are another method through which you can earn revenue. As downloading of music is available through Boomplay, the payouts will be based on territory-specific rates. For individually downloaded songs, you will be paid the wholesale price based on the blanket agreement with the store.


It is finally concluded that relying upon a music streaming app like Boomplay, a popular music streaming clone application, is a great choice to start your business. At Inoru, we provide completely white label solutions that are cost-effective and readily available. As it is a ready-to-launch application, it can be personalized based on the individual business requirements. If you are interested in launching a successful music streaming app like Boomplay, join hands with Inoru to get a tailored Boom Clone built with cutting-edge technology. Partner with us soon! 

Boomplay Clone – An Enthralling Music Streaming Application!

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