VooV Meeting Clone: Build an adept Video Conferencing App Like VooV with Improved Features

VooV Meeting Clone

With worldly improvements, we are moving towards upgradation. Communication, on the other hand, is significantly improving in different dimensions. Online mode of communication is recognized as the comfortable and easy way to communicate to a broader audience. 

This Online Video Conferencing Platform imparts effective communication through VooV meetings, from business to professional and personal discussions.

These apps have become part and parcel as every activity is carried out through online platforms, from events to interviews is Frimley handled here. 

Where are apps like VooV meeting predominantly used?

1.At Enterprises

Businesses and companies use online platforms like VooV meetings to carry out their meetings, discussions, client calls, etc. With a high-quality interface, the user and the host can experience a seamless interactive experience.

2. Schools

To impart learning amidst this lockdown and pandemic crisis, these apps are very commonly used. Moreover, this new way of learning brings joy. 

3. Interviews

When classes can happen online, why not interviews? With the convenience of the house, the candidate and the interviewer can quickly attend their live interviews online. The AI speech enhancement option eases a smooth flow of communication.

4. Telemedicine

At remote areas, doctors and caretakers can assist the patients through virtual visits in case of emergency and need. Today, the internet has reached every nook and corner of the world, eliminating physical difficulties. 

5.Online Government

With large cloud conferencing ability, meetings and conferences can be easily carried out online with video conferencing apps. Fundraising events, audits, press releases, talks, audits, etc., are eased with guaranteed technical support.

6. Digital finance

Remote meetings, investment discussions, and other activities related to financial assistance are easily imparted online, which boosts the business with digitized services. 

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Why choose the VooV meeting clone?

1. Collaboration

With efficient collaboration and sharing options, the user can join the meeting from anywhere, anytime, according to the need. This app doesn’t demand a lap or desktop every time. With improved features like whiteboard options, share screen features, ease to handle classes, presentations, and others with more clarity.

2. Flexibility

Through PCs, desktop, tablets, mobile phones and other, both the user and the admin can easily join the meeting and the forum at ease. This app also facilitates a webpage option to join the discussion. This seamlessly works across different platforms. 

3.HD video conferencing

The app has high definition capabilities with 1080p, filters, virtual background, and many others. Its enhanced AI speech recognition eases conversation. 

4.Secured and reliable source

Apps like VooV meetings ensure safety and security. This provides a convenient platform with high security and increased cloud space. Secure meetings with locking features, moving attendees out, watermarks, meeting passwords, data security, and many other features are provided in the app.

5.Encrypting information

With SSL and AES-256 encryptions, information and data in the meeting are encrypted and secured. 

Improved Prospectus of VooV meeting clone

1.Casual and Scheduled meetings

The host can easily share an invitation link to join the discussion. There are options to schedule the meeting to a particular time. The details like start time, end time, meeting password, agenda of the meeting, etc., can be listed. Moreover, the Admins can add and remove the watermark, muting attendees, screen sharing, etc. 

2.Increased number of participants

The VooV meeting clone app accommodates 300 virtual members and extends meeting time for 10000 minutes for conferences and webinars for free. 

3.Screen sharing

A highly beneficial feature required while explaining a document, PPT, etc. 

4.In-app messaging

The app provides a private chat option to converse. The conversations are secured, and apart from text, images, gifs, emojis, and others can also be shared. Through the WeChat plug-in, the members can directly enter the meeting by clicking on the link without downloading the VooV meeting app clone. 

5.Calendar integrations

This facilitates organizing scheduled meetings. And by syncing with the user’s id, notification can be quickly reminded. 

6.Steady Video mode

The app provides uninterrupted communication to its users with anti jitter features. There will be no technical lag or glitches, and the video streaming seamlessly takes place.

7.Enhanced AI speech recognition

Through the microphone or direct audio, the app captures clear-cut audio and transfers it with apparent cut effects that don’t annoy any listener. The AI sensor eliminates the background noise and reproduces an enhanced audio solution. 

8.Beauty effects and filters

The app provides the user with filters and effects that are sparkling, glowing, having emoji, effects, and stickers. 

9.Meeting control

The meeting admin has an advanced meeting control facility with access to tools like muting the audience, restricting and allowing audience entry, screen sharing, etc., to ease the flow of the meeting. 

8.Cloud storage

The users can back up their meetings, data, and others in the cloud storage. Under the Batch compute, cloud virtual machine, graphics processing units, users can store their data in convenient cloud storage.

9.Waiting room

It allows the member to stay in the waiting room and still text in the available chat option. This option facilitates the member and admin to communicate and get updates easily. 

10.Multi-layer security

The app is made secure with multiple layers of protection. Like SMS verification, two-factor authentication, password procession, and end-to-end encryption, the users and admin are provided a safe place to access.

11.24 x 7 technical support

The user can directly contact the help desk to resolve glitches and other issues. They are 24 x 7 made available via chat, call, emails, etc. 

Where to develop a fully-featured VooV meeting clone app?

Building a robust platform facilitating video conferencing options is very important for the app to be flexible and compatible. And developing an app from scratch is a tiring process that consumes a lot of time and energy. Instead, the developer can incorporate new and improved technical advancements like utilizing Clone script technology. 

Using clone script technology, the primary benefit is that it reduces the cost and time of erecting a new app. To boost its performance, the app incorporates the essential nature of the app and provides flexibility. This makes the VooV meeting clone app feasible to work efficiently under any circumstances.

At INORU, we help you develop a full-on video conferencing app like VooV meeting to boost business activity. Here as we use clone script technology, the pricing and time are eventually reduced. And the cost major depends on the external attributes like the feature implication, design, model, etc.  

Final Verdict

With advanced technical support from INORU, developing your full-on Video Conferencing App like Voov Meeting is an easy process. By developing a robust VooV clone app, ease the internal business communication, and extend it to offer other services like tutoring, online events, handling webinars, and many more. 

Don’t give up on this exemplary deal with INORU. To boost the business activity amidst this lockdown, launch your VooV meeting clone right away.

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