Yield more profit with an IPL betting software in this IPL-2020 season


Interested in entering the betting industry? An entrepreneur who loves IPL? Now, you can combine both and launch a business in the betting market. It will help you generate high revenue and provide an excellent gaming experience for your users. At Inoru, our team of trained business experts and developers come together to build the right IPL betting software for your business. 

With IPL-2020 around the corner, millions of users will pour in, provided you offer an efficient and error-free software for your users. You can leave your concern about app development to us. We will take care of the complete development process and deliver your software on time. 

What are a few salient features of the IPL betting software?

We include the following premium features in your software in order to provide user-friendliness to the app:

Score updates:

For any match, the live score will be updated in real-time. Any registered user can view the live score to place bets via the online platform. 

View analytics: 

Users will be allowed to view analytics, reports related to players, their previous performances, outcomes, and more. This will help users place accurate bets and win easily. 

Scheduled matches:

Users can mark any event in their calendars, and they will be reminded about it via notifications. It will help them not miss out on any matches or tournaments.

Secure payment modes:

The betting app will be integrated with secure payment gateways that will accept fiat and cryptocurrencies. It will also be highly secure and will not track any transactions. 


The app will contain a betting community via which users can share their betting experiences and any other feedback if required. 

Platform compatibility:

You can download the IPL betting software on any device as it is compatible with all the major platforms. This feature will gain more users quickly. 

User-friendly interface:

The interface of the betting software is easy to operate, and users can place a bet in a few seconds after analyzing the odds completely. It is less time-consuming. 

Multilingual app solution:

We make sure that the app can be viewed in any language of the users’ choice. It will allow millions of users from across the globe to access your app. 

Fraud identification system:

The betting software will have an anti-fraud system that will ensure users play a fair game via the online platform. 

Develop your betting solution with us!

All these features and more will be integrated into the app in accordance with your business requirements. Our team of IPL betting software developers will work hard towards building an error-free and amazing gaming platform for your users. Enjoy the IPL-2020, and earn at the same time by launching a betting software. 


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