Proven Strategies to Tackle COVID-19 And Succeed With An UberEats Clone

UberEats Clone Script

The pandemic situation appears to disrupt the routines of almost every individual across the world. Industries are passing through a gloomy phase, a position they wouldn’t have imagined even in their nightmares. However, as a blessing in disguise, smartphones and the Internet are proving to be valuable assets. People have started to realize the comfort of doorstep deliveries over physical shopping/ordering. Among the very few sectors that have gained immense reception following the pandemic, food delivery services are surging in revenue and popularity. 

Restaurants are finding it difficult to reach out to their target audience. With governments enforcing restrictions on dine-ins, eateries are looking for alternatives. Third-party food delivery platforms are lending a helping hand to these restaurants. Apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, etc., are experiencing a spike in restaurants and order volumes ever since the lockdown. 

If you are an entrepreneur eyeing to set foot into this food delivery industry, you cannot find an ideal time than NOW. In this blog, let’s look at specific strategies to help an UberEats clone tackle the COVID-19 situation and gain instant traction among the masses. 

Focus on building a positive brand value 

While developing a food delivery app has become more convenient with the advent of clone app solutions, making an app successful takes a lot more from an entrepreneur’s side. Some of the strategies that can make a food delivery platform successful include, 


  • Personalization is the key: Providing restaurant suggestions based on user preferences can set the tone for a customer that they have arrived at the right place. It is pointless to suggest meat cuisines to a vegan. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to provide personalized content can significantly enhance user experience. 


  • Ensure seamless payments: Providing users an array of payment options to choose from can gain their instant attention. While some prefer transacting via cash, some pay for food orders through credit/debit cards or net banking options. Go the extra mile of satisfying customers with an in-app wallet, wherein users can pay for the orders with just a few taps on their smartphones. 


  • Instant updates are crucial: The real work of a food delivery app begins once users place their orders. Letting users track the food order status in real-time can come in handy in enhancing reliability. Besides, regular updates through push notifications along with the ETA of orders can also do the trick. 


  • Provide a variety of booking options: A wide range of users access the app – some may prefer instant booking, while others may opt for scheduling options. A noticeable number of people may wish to reorder from order history. Providing users with these options during booking can scale user engagement rates significantly. Moreover, enabling advanced bookings and reorder facilities can also act as a great user retention strategy. 


  • Data can be the game-changers: In this digital era, data is wealth. Having a data analyst by your side can help you create trends and stay competitive. Moreover, with Machine Learning algorithms, the food delivery platform can provide accurate delivery timings, best selling cuisines, etc., gaining trustworthiness and reliability. 


  • Value your customers: As long as you can uphold customer satisfaction, you can enjoy consistent revenue. Hence, do not fail to provide regular promo codes and offers to users. Besides, integrating a ‘refer and earn’ option can be the perfect strategy, as the word of the mouth marketing can bring considerable success than any other type of promotional strategies. 

With these strategies, you can propel your food delivery app to success in normal circumstances. However, in this COVID-19 situation, the need for safety standards is gaining limelight. Making the necessary modifications in the food delivery script can ensure your success. 

Implement these COVID-19 safety strategies 

Gaining the customers’ trust is all that it takes to succeed amid this outbreak situation. At Inoru, we have curated a list of safety add-ons to ensure safety throughout the entire community. These add-ons include, 


  • Contactless deliveries: Never encourage physical contact between customers and delivery executives. Customers can opt for zero-contact deliveries, wherein delivery professionals drop food orders in front of users’ homes rather than handing them over directly. 


  • Disable Cash on Delivery: The chances of virus transmission is relatively high while transacting via cash. It is wise to disable COD and encourage digital modes of payments among users, thereby ensuring both parties’ safety. 


  • Face mask & glove recognition: Your platform’s delivery chain comes in direct contact with customers. If your delivery chain cannot instill the trust factor to your customers, you’ll eventually run out of business. By integrating a face mask & glove recognition software in the on-demand delivery app clone, the software verifies if the delivery workers are abiding by the community guidelines. 


  • Safety ratings and reviews: The customers have the final say on any business’s sustainability. Enabling users to rate and review the platform’s safety standards can help you keep the service quality in check. Moreover, you’ll get to know those service providers who offer services of substandard quality, paving the way for suitable action. 


  • Self pick-up: Customers hesitate to order via food delivery platforms as they fear virus contractions through delivery professionals. Resolve the issue by eliminating delivery executives from the ecosystem. Enable self pick-up options to customers, wherein your users can order via the platform and pick-up the order once it is ready. 


Both restaurants and customers need a third-party aggregator as the connecting link. Capitalize on the current scenario with Inoru’s robust and compact on-demand UberEats clone. Our seasoned team of experts ensures your platform’s success even amid these unforeseen circumstances. 

Schedule a meeting with our experts, tell us your demands, implement these strategies, and emerge as the next big thing in the food delivery industry! 

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