Why this year(2019) is the best time to launch your Fantasy Cricket App

Cricket might not be as popular as soccer. However, it has a massive fan following in all the countries that the game is played in. Countries like England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the West Indies are a few major cricketing nations. In addition to these, there are also a lot of countries that play global tournaments. Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, and Afghanistan have started to embrace the game and the spirit.

The biggest tournament of cricket is the ICC World Cup. It happens every four years, and it is happening right now. A massive difference in the experience of the world cup in 2015 versus the series in 2019 has to be in terms of fantasy cricket betting.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Simply put, fantasy cricket is an online game where fans can make their own teams and win prizes. The winning is based on the performance of the players of their fantasy team in the actual game. Fantasy cricket elevates the experience and the participation of the fans to a different level.

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill. It involves studying the performance of each player in different conditions against specific players of different teams.

How Does Fantasy Cricket Work?

  • To start with, the user has to download the application. Most of the fantasy games use a freemium model where the downloading doesn’t cost anything but playing a game does! The user can create their identity with their login and password.
  • Each user is given a certain set of credits. These credits can be used to purchase players – each player has a credit-value assigned to them. 
  • To enter a contest, the user has to pay a certain fee. The user cannot change the players in their team after the lock-in period. Once the match starts, the players start accumulating points based on their performance in the actual game. 
  • At the end of the game, the user, whose team has accumulated the highest number of points is declared the winner. The users can win real cash based on the entry fee that they paid.

Why is Now the Right Time for a Fantasy Cricket App?

It is evident from the gameplay that any fantasy sport depends on an actual game. The number of users participating is directly proportional to the popularity of the tournament happening at that point in time.

Right now, the world’s biggest cricketing event is happening – ICC World Cup 2019. This is the time when fans all across the world are hooked to the game and are rooting for their favorite team.

In countries like India and Pakistan, cricket is more than just a game and is often compared to being a religion. Capitalizing on this emotional dimension of the game, businesses can create their own fantasy cricket app and launch it in the right markets.

Essential Elements of a Fantasy Cricket Mobile App:

All the fantasy cricket applications need to have the following features – 

  • A User profile enabled by a set of login credentials where the user can set their personal preferences, attach the payment instruments and also view the history of their participation.
  • Player selection area where the users can select players of their choice and form their fantasy team.
  • Live-streaming of the match where the users can watch the match as it goes, so they know their standings. This will also help them learn the dynamics of the player to make informed decisions for the next match.
  • Let us all admit it! Everybody plays fantasy sports for the joy of winning cash prizes. The payment for participating in a contest and the mechanism to withdraw the prize money should be simple and straightforward. The application should be able to accommodate multiple payment methods.

Developing a Fantasy Cricket App

Developing an app for fantasy cricket requires immense knowledge about the game, the dynamics, the spirit of fans and the connectivity. Some of them might be considered minor factors but they contribute greatly to the popularity and profitability of the app.

Inoru has the credentials and expertise it takes to develop an awesome fantasy cricket mobile app. Our talented app developers ensure that the app does not compromise on the functionality or the intuitiveness of the interface. Drop-in your inquiry with us we take pride in being one of the best fantasy cricket app providers in the betting app development space.

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