How to Create a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11

Over the past half of the decade, fantasy games have risen to prominence. While they have achieved strong numbers in the United States and Canada, much of the growth is expected to happen in the Asian countries, especially India.

India as a market

India is a country with a massive population with considerable education among people to handle a smartphone. Also,  internet penetration is at a constant rise. The cost of internet access is relatively low in India, and the biggest chunk of internet users belong to the age group between 18 and 34.

Fantasy leagues and India

Fantasy leagues are driven by a passion for a particular sport, and when it comes to a country like India, cricket can be  compared to a religion. Such is the intensity of the passion for the game in this country, and it has trickled down to other games like soccer and kabaddi as well.

Dream11 – The fantasy game app for cricket

Apps like Dream11 have set the standards for fantasy gaming applications in India. Capitalizing on the cricket craze in the country, and leveraging the trend of cricketing tournaments that happen all around the year, Fantasy sports betting apps like Dream11 have seen phenomenal success in terms of both the number of users and revenue. While the revenue might be comparable to what is netted in the United States and Canada, credit has to be given to the application for capitalizing on the right market with the right strategy.

The legal status

It is quite well known that sports betting and gambling are illegal in India. However, the Supreme Court of India has ruled in favor of this particular application, stating that fantasy sports are more of a game of skill than probability.

Playing a fantasy sport requires a lot of time. The deep understanding that a layperson has about cricket in India has been rightly and constructively exploited by the app.

How does an app like Dream 11  work!

The way sports betting Mobile app like Dream11 works is similar to any other fantasy league. You can create your own virtual team by using real players from real teams. The actual performance of the players affects the chances of you winning or losing the league.

  • The user signs up for free, and at the time of signing up, a referral code can be used to get a bonus. The usage of a particular referral code also entitles the referrer to some bonus as well.
  • The user gets to make his/her own team of 11 players in line with the rules of the game.
  • Each player is given a value and each user is given a certain number of credits. The users have to pick their team within the given credit limit.
  • Once the team has been chosen and finalized by choosing the captain and vice-captain, they can join an available contest by paying the entry fee. This is the point of revenue generation for Dream11.
  • After the contest is over, there is a specific meaning amount and limitation on how many teams can participate. The teams also have to be locked in before a threshold time, called the lock-in period.
  • On the basis of the specific contest and the number of teams that have joined, the winnings are distributed according to the rankings.

Different types of contests in Dream11

  • Head to head -Two players create a contest by investing an amount. Upon winning the prize money, a certain part of the winning is given to Dream11. 
  • Private contest – Around 35 players create a contest and participate. The prize money is distributed according to the winnings, and a part of the prize money goes to Dream11.
  • Public contestDream11 fantasy cricket app creates this contest where hundreds of millions of users participate and the winners are also proportionally large. Here again, the share of the winners’ prize money goes to Dream11. 

The features and functionality of Fantasy sports app like Dream11

  • The home screen gives all the information in a single shot. This is the first screen that users use after login. They can find match listings, match categories and the schedules.
  • The option to browse sports helps users look at all the available sports options that are offered by the platform. 
  • User profile helps the user maintain information about them and the history of their participation and engagement with the app.
  • Creating matches in a single tap can help users conceptualize and create their own contest by submitting details like the total winning amount, the contest name, the contest size and entry fee. There might be options for other players to join the contest but the creator of the contest is in it by default. 
  • Referral benefits not only help increase the user base but also ensure that the application reaches a lot of people. This helps in the spreading of app in the right circle because cricket is one of the most important factors that fuel a social network.
  • A wallet that facilitates deposit of the entry fee and the withdrawal of the winnings should be able to accommodate multiple payment options.
  • There can also be additional features like live match scores, player records, push notifications and loyalty programs that will further enhance the experience of the app.

Features of the administrator panel

  • The administrator controls the contest, the users and all the other functionalities of the application in general. The administrative section needs to have the following features.
  • A role-based dashboard should give the statistics of the field like the total matches, total contestants and the total earnings. This dashboard should be able to display or withhold information based on the level of privileges. 
  • In a user intense application like Dream11, the users can be created, deleted or suspended by the administrator based on their behavior and requirements.
  • It is equally important to manage the contest. The administrators can edit, delete, activate, or deactivate contests. 
  • Managing the bank withdrawal request is another vital responsibility of the administrator. The administrator has the authority to accept or reject bank details, PAN card details and send money to the contestants.
  • Management of content sections like About Us, Contact Us, Frequently Asked Questions and Legal Policies is also entrusted to the administrator.
Revenue and the numbers of this Fantasy Sports Betting app

Dream11 follows the freemium model which means that the users can join both free contests and paid contests. The revenue netted by any fantasy sports app is highly contingent upon the number of users. The fantasy sports betting company has covered this aspect by investing in a game that is popular all across India.

Each day, the app launches 15 to 17 high-value contests, and 20 to 30 low-value contests. The prices could be anywhere between $75 and $45,000.

Including the entry fees, the commission from the prizes and the passive revenue like advertisements and in-app purchases, Dream11 earns about $600,000 to $900,000 for every match. This figure depends on the popularity and the fanbase of the playing teams and countries.

Why is now the right time for investing in an app like Dream11?

From the statistics given above, it is quite known that a fantasy app like Dream11 has to count on the tournaments and the popularity of the teams involved. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, the ICC T20 World Cup 2020, The Big Bash League, and the Indian Premier League of 2020 are not far away. Creating an app like Dream11 could prove to be a lucrative step in cashing in on the popularity of the sport, the craze of the fans and the passion that every team evokes.

Creating an app like Dream11

An app like Dream11 requires meticulous research, intense development skills and deep understanding of the market. Any company that is developing fantasy sports apps should be well versed in all these aspects.

Inoru specializes in creating sports fantasy applications that are best suited for an aspiring entrepreneur. Our expert team of developers and analysts ensure that the app complies with the best practices and has all the required features. Drop in an inquiry and we will get in touch with you to develop your application and make your dream app a reality.

Cost of making an app like Dream11

The most important aspect of any development process is cost and for many entrepreneurs who are just starting out the most important thing is to consider. At Inoru we provide various solutions at very low prices, we stand for economical solutions. If you are interested to get an app like Dream11 then talk to our cost advisors today!

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