Day: August 28, 2019

Unity 3D Game development
Mobile applications, without question, have revolutionized the way a lot of everyday activities are handled; including but not limited to alarm clocks, music and videos. However, if there is one place where they have made an amazing revolution, it has to be in the field of gaming. It would not be an exaggeration to say […]
One of the best ways to make a profitable business more profitable than it already is… is to infuse multiple aspects of profitability into it. The casino business which is considered highly profitable can be made more profitable by adding an online dimension. Building an online casino should be an intense and cost sensitive affair. […]
Sports Betting App
Banking on luck to win some money has always been in existence ever since the concept of money and the understanding of luck had been put in place. From ancient China to Mesopotamia and even in India, the game of dice and any game that depends on probabilities have been in existence for thousands of […]
Online gambling has evolved, thanks to the new age players who prefer cryptocurrencies as a means of deposits and payouts. The usage of Bitcoin has led to the exponential increase in integration of popular and widely used cryptos in casino games. Questions you’d be thinking as a gaming entrepreneur Why take the casino business online […]
Fantasy Ice Hockey Mobile Apps are Making a Huge Name Easily accessible high-speed internet and advanced smartphones equal mobile applications that have endless possibilities. There is an app for almost everything. They have become indispensable digital entities that float around our portable screens. Besides offering services, mobile applications are majorly used for entertainment. Gaming is […]
How to Develop a Fantasy Hurling Mobile App The confluence of the Internet and smartphones has made it possible for games to surpass regional boundaries. People are now aware of niche sports from every nook and corner of the world. Language barriers do not hinder the thrill of a sport, be it of any form […]
Fantasy Gaelic Football App
Sports transcend cultural barriers. Good sportsmanship, loyalty, and victory are all that matters as individuals compete head-to-head against each other. Advancements in broadcasting technology caused a surge in spectators from around the world. These spectators soon became fans of their favorite teams despite being thousands of miles away from the home base of the sport. […]
As evidenced in the epics from India and China, the concept of betting is probably as old as sports itself. Betting enjoys its relevance and prominence from the fact that people like to make money out of probabilities, and sports betting is one such territory where probability pays. The introduction of online betting and mobile […]
Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11
Over the past half of the decade, fantasy games have risen to prominence. While they have achieved strong numbers in the United States and Canada, much of the growth is expected to happen in the Asian countries, especially India. India as a market India is a country with a massive population with considerable education among […]
Cricket might not be as popular as soccer. However, it has a massive fan following in all the countries that the game is played in. Countries like England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the West Indies are a few major cricketing nations. In addition to these, there are also a lot of […]
Betting is common for every sport, and it has risen to prominence over time. Betting is most common in sports such as rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, football, and cricket. The audience seems to have a love-hate relationship with the concept of betting in sports. On one side, there are people who would like to keep […]
Sports betting apps have changed? Wanna bet?  From the nascent stage, devoid of basic features to the totally brilliant ways of betting with unlimited customization; betting apps have witnessed an amazing metamorphosis throughout the years. It is evident that these apps have come a long way and attained the much needed ‘e-volution’, however, there’s one […]

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