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Onecart Clone

On-demand delivery apps became more popular post-pandemic. With the situation outside the home being so horrible, who will be ready to step out? That is when the grocery apps came as a bolt from the blue for people to buy their groceries. Groceries are an essential part of all our households. Grocery delivery apps existed even before the pandemic, but they rose to fame increasingly after the pandemic. With just a few clicks, the users can get their groceries delivered to their doorstep. 

The success of the grocery delivery apps has influenced entrepreneurs across the globe to set their foot into grocery delivery services. Inoru, the pioneer in developing delivery apps, offers a Onecart clone app for enthusiasts to start their grocery delivery app in the market. Let us discuss further the Onecart clone app.

Why launching a Onecart clone will be a sure hit?

Onecart is a leading grocery delivery app in South Africa that connects multiple grocery retailers with thousands of customers on a single platform. Onecart is a premium app that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables, daily essentials, daily products, and processed products. The app also ensures to provide the products to the users on time from placing orders. The app will deliver the products to the users within one or two hours and offer them at their doorsteps.

Inoru’s Onecart clone is an alternative to the standard Onecart app, developed with the same distinctive features. Our Onecart clone will function seamlessly by providing the users to browse through various brands and give their store preference from where they want their groceries. Let us explore how our Onecart clone app works.

Place orders

The users will browse through the app and find their favorite store and groceries from their desired brands. The users can also create a list with their frequently placed items. So from next time they can use it to place their orders quickly. Upon selecting their grocery items, the users can opt for the payment options. 

Shopper assigned

The app will assign a personal shopper who will shop the items on behalf of the customers. The Shopper will visit the shop and buy things, and he will stay in touch with the users by updating them with their order status.

Order delivery

After done with the shopping, the Shopper will give away the items to the delivery assistants, who will deliver the items to the customers. The users can track their orders in real-time.

Monetization strategy of Inoru’s Onecart clone 

A business needs to have a good monetization model to earn revenue in the long run. Let us explore the ways to make revenue through a Onecart clone app.

Fee from the users

The users will pay a delivery fee for their orders, and it will vary according to the quantity and distance of the rankings. Apart from this, the app will also charge a considerable fee for the shoppers to purchase their items.

Merchant fee

The retailers, i.e. The grocery stores will pay an amount to the app for being a part of it and followed by charges for each of the orders.

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Cutting-edge features of Inoru’s Onecart clone app

1.Easy registration

2.Product listing

3.Quick list

4.Search options

5.Multiple payment options

6.Real-time tracking

7.Schedule deliveries

8.Coupons or discounts


 Scope for launching an app like Onecart 

It all started with the pandemic, and now it is a trendsetter. Pandemic paved the way for the online delivery apps to reshape their businesses. Groceries are quintessential household items that cannot be compromised at all. The blooming of these grocery delivery apps gave a ray of hope for the people to get their items at their doorsteps. Post pandemic, the market share of the grocery delivery apps has increased in manifold ways. Statistics report says that during June 2020, the market share of the grocery apps has skyrocketed to a 70% increase from the previous years. 

Apps like Instacart and Big basket became leading apps with an increase in the number of users. After food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps lead the chart with a rise of 5.8% in the users from the previous year. This indicates the positive scope for launching a Onecart clone in the market. Entrepreneurs can make use of this scenario and launch a Onecart clone app.

Why choose us for developing your Onecart clone?

Inoru is a pioneer in developing cloned apps with cutting-edge technology. Our dedicated team at Inoru is expertise exclusively in delivery app development. At Inoru, along with app development, we are involved in market research to understand the demand pattern of the markets, and we study the behavioral patterns of the customers. Here is the list of benefits for choosing us.

White label and customized app

Our white-label Onecart clone will enable the entrepreneurs to replace their brand testimonials like name, theme, and logo. All our services are customized and tailor-made to cater to the needs and creativity of our clients.

Cross compatibility

Our Onecart clone is cross-platform compatible and can be operated on Android and iOS servers.

Reliable and scalability

You might start your business regionally, but it will get extended globally in the future. So it is essential to have a dedicated app that can support you at all times. Onecart clone app from us will be highly reliable for your business.

Quality testing

we run the app from our side and remove all the bugs. So when it reaches it will be ready to launch. 

Wrapping up,

The on-demand grocery delivery market is flourishing like never before. So this is the right time for the entrepreneurs to launch their grocery delivery app in the market. With Inoru’s Onecart clone, the entrepreneurs can launch a viable and reliable grocery delivery app.


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