Fantasy sports app – Optimized development process and essential attributes

Have you come across the term fantasy sports? If yes, then you would also know that it is a high revenue-generating industry at present. A market that was once a hobby for people has turned into platforms that help them earn and have a fun-filled experience at the same time. On the other hand, business owners who have ventured into this industry have become a huge success with the right app.

What is a fantasy sports app?

It is an efficient platform that allows its users to play various games online. Games such as cricket, football, hockey, baseball, tennis, kabaddi, and more can be played. They can build their own team, select players, and compete against other users. Our experts at Inoru provide fantasy sports app development services at budget-friendly prices. We have an experienced and highly-trained team of developers and business analysts to take care of your complete development process. In this blog, business owners will get to know about how we build a fantasy sports app and its key features.

Our optimal fantasy sports app development process:

Before we elaborate on the development process, you should know that our skilled team comprises of

  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Technical support team

Phase-1 – Ideation:
Initially, our team will talk to you and understand your requirements. You can provide us with a detailed business plan.

Phase:2 – Market research:
Our experts will then analyze the fantasy sports market with your requirements as the foundation. We will collect relevant data, statistics, and reports to help you know the market’s ins and outs.

Phase:3 – Feature-set of the app:
Followed by the analysis, we will discuss with you and finalize the features to be included in the fantasy sports app. Based on the research outcome, any number of attributes can be added to the app.

Phase:4- UI design:
The UI/UX designers will create wire frames for each screen to be available in the app. They will make sure that they design a user-friendly interface for the app.

Phase:5- Technology stack of the app:
Up next, our team will help you decide on the technology stack of the app after providing a clear outline of the latest technologies and frameworks available.

Phase:6- App development and Testing:
Our skilled developers will build your app in this stage. Post the development process, the app will be tested based on various elements. The sports app should prove to be successful in all the tests conducted.

Phase:7- App deployment:
After your approval, the app will be deployed on various platforms, and end-users can download the app. Launching the app on major app stores will help you gather more users for your gaming platform.

Once the app has been launched successfully in the market, our support team will provide technical assistance and maintenance services for three months, after which you can continue receiving our services at affordable prices.

What are the must-be-present features of the app?

The app will have a set of advanced attributes that will make it user-friendly and attractive.

User app:

Live score updates:
Users will be updated with the live scores of any on-going match or league. This will help them choose the right players or place a bet when required.

If existing users refer the app to their family and friends, they will earn rewards and prizes. This strategy will help in increasing your user base.

Join contests:
Users will be able to participate in any on-going contest, and they can also invite other users to join the contest.

In-app chat module:
The app will have a chat feature using which users can communicate effortlessly among themselves. They can discuss their gaming experience and other related details using the chat option.

Create teams:
Users can create a team by choosing the right players via the app. They will also be allowed to build multiple teams and manage them efficiently.

Admin panel:

God’s eye view:
This feature will help admins manage the fantasy gaming platform effortlessly. They will have access to all user and app-related data.

User management:
Admins will be able to manage users with the help of the tools available in their dashboard. They can modify, update, or delete user data when required.

Manage contests:
Admins can also get access to all the contests that users participate in. They can also create contests for users and monitor them when needed.

Tax management:
With the help of the national tax system, admins can easily manage their taxes for each country.

View analytics:
Admins will be able to view real-time analytics and customized reports regarding contests, user performance, and more. This will help them make informed decisions.

Build your app with the best team:

What are you waiting for? Set up a meeting with our team and discuss your app ideas. We will pitch in a few suggestions to make sure we provide best-in-class fantasy sports software development services for you and help you yield high profits.

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