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Airmeet Clone

Many businesses in the market have seen a huge spike in their revenue, user count, and brand visibility. Amongst the many services, video-conferencing app have witnessed a highly noticeable change in its number of downloads and registered users. Especially Airmeet, an app that came to the market in 2019, has marked its strong presence in a short time. Since people have adopted remote-working, it is essential to make use of a platform that will help them connect with their colleagues instantly. So, many people leaned towards Airmeet to fulfill their video-conferencing needs. Also, app owners are generating high revenues in the lockdown season. So, any businessperson who plans to launch a similar app can take advantage of the Airmeet clone app solution built by the trained professionals at Inoru and offered at cost-effective prices. 

Exclusive features we include in the app like Airmeet:

Our experienced team of Android and iOS developers will help you launch a cross-platform compatible or native app with the following attributes and more in a jiffy. 

Quick onboarding:

The registration process will be simple with an Airmeet clone solution. Users can register with their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media handles. 

Authenticated event creation:

Users can create a meeting or event in no time and allow only authorized users to attend it. The host should share the credentials for other users to join the event successfully. 

Easy event management:

The calendar available in each users’ profile will help them schedule and manage all meetings or events effortlessly. Push notifications or message alerts will be sent to users, reminding them about their event for the day, if any. 

In-app live chat module:

Users will have a chat feature to interact with other attendees during an ongoing session or meeting. They can also use the facility to talk to the host in case of any queries. 

Multiple hosts:

Any online session or meeting that takes place via the clone app solution can have more than one host. A group of users can host a meeting together, and each one will be the host. For instance, if an organization has three directors, all three can register with the app and handle a single session as the hosts. 

Online polls:

During an ongoing session, attendees can come together to vote on a solution of their choice. The number of votes will be visible to the host, and the one solution with the majority votes can be put to use. 

Screen sharing:

Hosts or attendees can share their screen with other attendees quickly via the screen-sharing feature. Slides, presentations, reference images, etc., can be shared with other users using this feature. 

Raise hand facility:

Users can make use of the “Raise Hand” feature to clarify their doubts and ask any questions during any live session. Therefore, users need not wait until the end of the session to get answers to their questions. 

Proceed to build your video-conferencing app now:

With expert guidance from the experienced business analysts at Inoru, you can enter the video-conferencing industry and build your strong empire in a short time. Explain your app requirements to us, and we will take care of the complete Airmeet clone app development process. Schedule a meeting with us to know more details about the app solution.


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