How To Create A Fantasy Hurling App, What Are Its Costs And Features?

How to Develop a Fantasy Hurling Mobile App

The confluence of the Internet and smartphones has made it possible for games to surpass regional boundaries. People are now aware of niche sports from every nook and corner of the world. Language barriers do not hinder the thrill of a sport, be it of any form and place of origin. Technology has complimented sports through gaming softwares such as fantasy apps. People can create a fantasy team and compete with other players for credits and cash prizes. Fantasy sports apps have extensively pervaded the app store and there has been a surge in entrepreneurs seeking a well-versed team of Fantasy hurling app developers.

Hurling is an ancient sport of Gaelic-Irish origin that is making great strides in the arena of sports. It is a fast-paced game that is contested on a football pitch. According to the Irish Times, the Gaelic Athletic Association raked in a revenue of €65,620,502 in 2017. The financial stream of hurling exhibits an upwards trajectory which makes it a demanding sport to develop a fantasy app for.

The Requirements

Fantasy sports applications aren’t completely fantasies. They depend on real-world parameters to determine the progress and outcomes of a game. The stats of the athletes in the fantasy team is matched with the stats of their actual performance in the real world.

Fantasy hurling app developers build the app for two types of people. Users and admins. Both of them require unique special features that cater to their usage purposes. Let’s take a look at what they are.

For the User

  • User Authentication – sign-in or sign-up options are provided for users to access their profiles.
  • Invite & Earn – Referral codes and coupons can be used to redeem perks such as bonus credits that benefit both the referral and the referrer. 
  • Dashboard – Past, present, and future records of game stats, scoreboards, transactions, and more can be viewed on the dashboard.
  • Create/Join Tournaments and Leagues – Users can enter a league/tournament and subsequently create a team.
  • Gameplay – Users are given a specific amount of time to make any alterations to their teams after which the option for modifications will be disabled. The progress of the game can be witnessed in real-time.
  • The Winner – The team that rakes in the highest number of points is declared as the winner of the game.

For The Admin

  • Admin Login – The sign-in or sign-up process is mandatory.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard is a space from which admins can view all ongoing processes in the app at any given time. 
  • User Management – It allows the admin to perform actions of addition, removal, and banning of players 
  • League/Match Management – Admins can ensure that the games are abiding by the rules of the league or match.
  • Revenue Management – This feature gives admins access to regulate revenue.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Admins can communicate with their customers via SMSes, emails, and push notifications.
  • Reward Points/Bonus Cash Management – Admins can award bonus points and reward cash to users.

Key Features To Integrate During Fantasy Hurling App Development

Besides developing the basic requirements that comprise a fantasy sports app, there are key features that set a fantasy application apart from other apps, they are

Live Chat – Users can communicate with other players via the app.

Security – Stringent security protocols protect the app’s functions and confidential information from being breached.

Payment – Have options to pay with multiple modes will prove useful. Options include using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Development Costs of a Fantasy Hurling Application

Fantasy hurling app development costs are determined by various factors. It depends on the region in which it is built, what platforms it will be available on, and how many features it will have.

A fantasy hurling application that has the key essential features would incur charges of anywhere around $35,000 to $50,000.

Hurling is a physically intense sport that evokes immense excitement among its fans. The translation of the ancient Gaelic sport into the fantasy sports industry has given hurling a huge boost in revenue. The increasing popularity of fantasy sports apps has made developing fantasy apps affordable with the help of world-class solutions.

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