How to Create a Fantasy Ice Hockey App, What Are Its Costs And Features?

Fantasy Ice Hockey Mobile Apps are Making a Huge Name

Easily accessible high-speed internet and advanced smartphones equal mobile applications that have endless possibilities. There is an app for almost everything. They have become indispensable digital entities that float around our portable screens. Besides offering services, mobile applications are majorly used for entertainment. Gaming is a core part of the mobile app industry, and fantasy sports apps are increasingly dominating it. Let’s take a look at a fantasy ice hockey mobile app and find out what goes into making one and what owning one can result in.

Why Invest in a Fantasy Ice Hockey Application

One major chunk of the app world that exudes thrill and excitement is fantasy sports applications. According to Reuters, the global market for fantasy apps is predicted to reach a revenue of US$ 33199.64 million by 2025. Owing to technological advancements and portability, the fanbase of ice hockey is no longer confined to the native countries it is played in such as the United States, Europe, Canada, and Russia. Users from all around the world can study their players and build their teams in a fantasy app at any given place or time.

Getting Started

Fantasy gaming applications are incredibly dynamic. They have to synchronize with real-world player stats and require frequent monitoring. To facilitate the app to work seamlessly, the app caters to two types of people. The admin and the user. Here is a list of features that a fantasy app-desiring entrepreneur can expect from our fantasy ice hockey app developers.

For The User

  • User Authentication – Users are required to sign in or sign up in order to create or log back into their accounts.
  • Invite & Earn – Users can invite their friends to play the game by sending app invite links. Referral codes have issued that benefit both the new joinee and the pre-existing user.
  • Dashboard – Users can view all of their past, ongoing and upcoming activities/events, leaderboards, currency, all together on a dashboard.
  • Create/Join Tournaments and Leagues – Users may be required to pay an entry fee depending on the entry conditions of the league. A team can be drafted and customized by spending in-game credits.
  • Gameplay – Users are allowed to make changes to their teams for a specific duration of time after which they won’t be able to make any more alterations. Once the game begins, users can watch how their teams are performing in real-time.
  • The Winner – Game points rely on the performance stats of real-life players. The fantasy team that garners the most points is declared the winner.

For the Admin

  • Admin Login – Admins are required to either sign-up or sign-in to their accounts.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard provides admins with an overview of all the activities, transactions and more that have taken place, are taking place and are going to take place in the app.
  • User Management – Admins can regulate user activities by informing them with alerts. They can also add, remove and ban players.
  • League/Match Management – Admins can monitor and make sure that the proceedings of a league or a match are abiding by the rules.
  • Revenue Management – In addition to automated built-in security protocols, admins can review transactions.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – This feature permits admins to communicate with customers. Communication channels include emails, SMSes and push notifications.
  • Reward Points/Bonus Cash Management – Admins can confer reward points and bonus cash to users.

Extra Essential Features Of Fantasy Ice Hockey Mobile App

In Inoru’s fantasy ice hockey app development process, we offer

Live Match Scores – Users can keep track of their favorite team’s sports in real-time.

Multiple Sports – Players can bet on multiple sports at a time.

Payment Modes – Players can bet and earn through fiat currencies such as cash, debit/credit cards, digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Push Notifications – Admins can send instant notifications to users regarding various events and activities in the app.

Live Chat – Players can chat with other players through the fantasy sports app.

Security – We provide the latest security systems to safeguard the app from divulging confidential information that is usually caused by hacks, glitches, and bugs.

In-App Advertising – Admins can generate revenue by exhibiting ads within contests.

Development Costs Of Fantasy Ice Hockey App

The development cost to make a fantasy ice hockey app is determined by the country in which it is developed, the number of platforms it needs to be available on and the features it will offer.

A fantasy ice hockey application that contains all the core essential features would cost around U.S $35,000 to U.S $50,000.

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Alternative Ways for Quick Development

There are alternative ways to develop an ice hockey fantasy app. Inoru provides quick ways of developing a fantasy app with solutions such as Whitelabel solutions and turnkey solutions. They circumvent having to create an app from scratch while still possessing all the essential features of a premium fantasy app.

Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport that invokes intense excitement among its fans. The fantasy app industry is pervading the game industry at lightning speeds. The advent of affordable world-class solutions has made developing an ice hockey fantasy app a lucrative option for upcoming entrepreneurs.

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