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Fantasy Football App Development

Football, without question, is the most popular game on the planet. The popularity has reflected in the rise of football fantasy applications. Football fantasy apps let the fans of football, experience the game to its fullest. They can create their own teams and showcase their expertise about teams and players. What makes fantasy football so popular? Is there room for another fantasy football app to get into the market and establish success? Let us look at the answers to these questions in detail!

The astounding numbers

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) has stated that there are close to 60 million fantasy sports players in North America. That is almost 3 times the number of players in 2009. The average fantasy sports player spends more than $450 every year on fantasy sports. Football continues to be a favorite among fantasy sports enthusiasts with a user share of 73%. All this growth has contributed to a proportional increase in the dam for fantasy sports app development services.

Given all these parameters, it would be a great idea for any aspiring entrepreneur to embark on fantasy football app development. It is quite evident that the popularity of football will not change in the future. The penetration of the sport in countries like India, the proportional adoption of mobiles in places where football is popular, like in Africa and the Caribbean, and the general growth of fantasy sports enthusiasts make it the perfect juncture for you to create your own fantasy football app.

How does fantasy football software work?

  • The user downloads and installs the application. Alternatively, they can also consider using web apps. They will need to create an account by using their email address or phone number or social media credentials.
  • While creating their account, they can use a referral code that was provided to them by their friends or family which might entitle them to some rewards.
  • Once they sign up, they will need to enter a league. The league can be either a free one or a premier league. It is only in the premium or the paid leagues that they will win cash prizes.
  • Once they sign up, they will need to create a football team. There is a budget limit of $100 million and each player is assigned a price. The fantasy football users will have to create their team within the budget. There are different ways to create a football team, some of which are auction-based, serpentine and off-line drafting.
  • The users are free to make modifications but are permitted only before the game starts or a pre-decided modification window.
  • After the actual game starts, the users can evaluate the performance of their team and the players. It is to be noted that the rewards are contingent upon the performance of the fantasy team players in the actual game.
  • After the game is over, the points are distributed according to the performance of the players. The fantasy sports user whose team has accumulated the highest points is considered the winner of the fantasy league.

To ensure that all the above-mentioned activities happen without any hassle, there are a few essential features for a fantasy football app.

The features for the user

The home screen is the first thing that a user sees when they open the app. It should contain information like the season updates, the news, and the menu.

When logged in, the profile should contain information about the number of matches played, the number of leagues joined, the number of leagues created and the complete report of their earnings.

The player information section should contain vital information about the players. It is to be noted that it is only the thorough knowledge of players and their skill sets that keeps fantasy sports alive. Based on the information about the players, the fantasy sports users can opt to choose a particular player for a specific fantasy match.


The players should be able to join leagues. They can make a choice between public and private leagues. The cost of the pro-leagues should be defined.

The players should also be able to create their own leagues where they can play with their own family and friends. The user should be able to draft their own team and participate in the fantasy league. Based on the performance of the players, the users should be able to earn money as reports. In fact, this is the most basic purpose of a fantasy sport being played.


Since the awards depend on the actual performance of the players in the game, there should be a live scorecard that will update users about the players and their performance as and when the match happens.

The features for the administrator

The administrator is entrusted with the task of keeping the sanity and sanctity of the app. They will need to be provided with certain powers and information which will help them in establishing the proper functioning of the app.

The administrator needs to be provided with a dedicated dashboard that will give them vital information on the app and its performance.

The administrator should be able to view the total earnings and all the cash components of the app. It includes but is not limited to the earnings, the bets by the users, the costs of the fantasy players and the total amount invested by the users.

The administrator should also be able to manage cash prices and ensure that the users get the rewards that they have earned.

Additional features

There’s no question that the basic features for both the user and the administrator will ensure the proper functioning of the app. However, if you would like to increase the magnitude of engagement and the marketability of your app, there are a few features that need to be added.

Providing live score updates will ensure that users keep visiting your app, irrespective of them playing fantasy sports. This also helps in passively increasing the number of players for your fantasy league.

A robust customer relationship management tool (CRM) will ensure that you can manage tickets and customer queries efficiently. This can help in sending push notifications and timely promotions.

Flexibility in accepting multiple payment methods ensures that you increase your user base. It might not be long before even cryptocurrency is accepted as a valid form of payment when it comes to fantasy sports apps.

Fantasy Football Software Development

As seen earlier, putting a fantasy sports app together involves developers, designers and a research team that will analyze the market. It might be quite a hassle to create a fantasy football app from scratch. However, by using white label clones of fantasy football apps, you can save a lot of time and money.

These fantasy football clone scripts give you all the basic functionalities that you would need. In addition, if you would like to add your own branding element, they are flexible for being customized according to your wishes.


Should you have a requirement to create your own fantasy football app, you can get in touch with our team. Our expert team of developers will ensure that they understand your requirements and deliver the app to you. How about achieving your popularity and revenue goals with fantasy football apps? Get started today.

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