Tech Trends Taking Over The iOS App Development Industry

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Mobile app development has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the past few years. With the growing usage of mobile phones combined with the sharp decline in the price of the internet, mobile apps have become a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a quick look at one of the two stalwarts of this sphere – iOS app development.

When it comes to iOS app development, there is nothing more important than constantly innovating yourself. Being at the cutting edge of technological advancements is an integral part of the way the business functions. Although this phenomenon holds true for any business venture, in a digital medium such as iOS app development, it is doubly so.

Let’s look at some tech trends that have begun to shape the industry and will make a huge impact in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fastly being employed in numerous industries around the globe. The concept of AI has been around for decades. It is now being integrated into iOS app development in very creative ways. For example, AI implementation allows shopping apps to learn more about their past orders, preferences and more to predict future orders and can even recommend items based on the same.

Moreover, voice assistants like Siri can utilize the power of artificial intelligence to continually improve themselves and grow as a result of the gathered data.

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is already being utilized in various ways in today’s digital ecosystem. IoT is a series of interconnected computing devices that can be both digital and mechanical, and have the ability to transfer data to each other. Some of the most popularly employed methods of IoT include in house assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, which interconnect all the devices in your home so one can have complete control of all their devices with just their voice. IoT is a must-have function when it comes to iOS app development, and every developer should be implementing it in their creations.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms are another technological advancement that is already being employed. With that being said, there is still an ample amount of room for improvement and further growth in the industry. These types of algorithms in iOS app development to learn patterns, both behavioral and procedural, allowing for seamless automation without human interference. This can, in turn, help companies save both valuable time and money, and hence is a sought after commodity.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Much like AI, both Augmented and Virtual Reality are a hot commodity in today’s business world. Especially when it comes to the gaming and entertainment industry, there is no other popular concept that AR. A couple of years ago, Pokemon Go, an AR-based mobile game, took the world by storm by allowing users to seamlessly interact with their environment in a fun and engaging manner. Though it wasn’t the first such use of AR in gaming, it was nevertheless an eye-opener to the possibilities that the technology can provide.

Swift 5.0

An operating software that is widely used among iOS app developers, it is leading to huge changes in the market due to the ease in which programs can be written via this easy-to-use app with high functionality. With the latest edition, iOS app development is more accessible and streamlined than ever before, adding to the plethora of existing reasons why one should employ this operating software.


There is a lot more technology that is at the precipice of iOS app development and can take the industry to new heights. An increasing number of iOS app development companies are including all these innovations to their arsenal and this has proven to be a blessing for entrepreneurs and customers alike. There is no telling where the iOS app development industry will be in the next ten years, but rest assured, these technologies are guaranteed to be a major part of that journey.




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