Launch A Pragmatic Uber Clone To Ace The On-demand Taxi Business In 2021

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The need to commute is always present. And apps like Uber and Lyft have made a ton of money with this genuine solution to a real-world problem. Launching an uber clone app in this lucrative climate is a wise decision. The potential in this area is high, so entrepreneurs and business owners can make good use of this opportune time and launch a robust Uber Clone app.

 Before we dive into the details, you need to understand the current trends and market scenarios in the taxi industry. This will give your business an idea about what to expect going into 2021.

1.There is a rising demand for online platforms offering taxi services. Thanks to the infamous penetration of the internet and the availability of smartphones, there is an increasing demand for taxi booking apps. The advanced features that come with the taxi booking app such as the ride estimate, picking a particular vehicle for travel, driver’s contact, and live tracking options make it a desirable choice, hence the surplus amount of taxi booking apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab and Ola.

2.The top 2021 trends for taxi booking apps include Autonomous Taxi Services and Eco-Friendly Electric Taxis. Ever since global warming began, a lot of the blame fell on cars and taxi cabs for the emissions that added to the earth’s carbon footprint. With fossil fuels on the verge of running out and the threat to the planet’s safety, electric cars came into existence. Although these cars take a while to charge, which restricts their ability to serve urban areas, many taxi companies have begun considering taking this massive step in the coming years.

3. Autonomous Taxi Services – Although autonomic cars seem like a vision from the future, many big names like Uber and Tesla have already tried out their self-driving car projects. Nissan was also planning to launch its own line of Automatic cars in 2020. But there are safety and legislation issues that are yet to be resolved owing to the infamous car crashes in Arizona and California. Therefore, these matters need to be resolved before taxi cabs become autonomous. But the idea is still afloat.

With these latest developments and trends of 2021 in mind, let’s move on to the development of your Uber Clone app. They say the devil is in the details and rightfully so. The extensive features of your app will be a vital factor in determining the success of your app. Since it is a taxi booking app, four different parties will be making use of it- the passenger, the driver, and the admin. And our Uber Clone is inclusive of these. 

  • Registration and login

Using their integrated Email or social media credentials, users can easily register and login to the app with ease and continue using the app for booking rides without any hassles.

  • Book ride option

Passengers can choose the book ride feature to search for their rides, select from the results, and proceed with their ride. The GPS navigation system will be able to track where the pick-up and drop-off locations are.

  • Preview fare

This option makes sure the passengers get the fare details before they go through with the ride. In case they are not satisfied with the fare or wish to book another vehicle, they can do so with this feature. 

  • Changing ride plans

Users can be given the option to cancel or change their location in the Uber Clone app. This gives passengers flexibility when it comes to using your app for rides. 

  • Call and live tracking options

Passengers who wish to call their drivers regarding location changes and ride confirmations can do so with the call driver option that is available. The live tracking feature allows users to track their rides and see how far along they are. The geo-tracking feature that is also integrated with the clone app can be used to pick drivers based on their real-time locations. 

  • Multiple payment options 

Several payment options will be available such as credit and debit cards, net banking, and E-wallets. These varied choices will give the user a comfortable experience paying for their rides.

  • Reviews and ratings

Passengers can share what they felt about their experience riding the cab regardless of whether it was a good or bad one. This information will be sent to the admin who can take action if necessary. 

There are several business models integrated with the app. These models can be used for several purposes and businesses. Our Uber Clone is one app that is fitted to be of use in various settings so you can be the app provider for them. Take a look. 

  • Start-ups and aggregators 

This model is for those who own a fleet of taxis and are already running a taxi business. If you fall under this category then this app is just the right fit for you. With the extensive feature list and customizing options that come with this app, you can take your business to the next level by managing your taxi line in the smoothest way possible.

  • Corporate fleet management

With our Uber clone app, you can provide your employees with a safe and reliable mode of transportation and bring efficiency into your venture. The white label and customizable features of our solutions will give you room to get creative and integrate features and get your brand name more visibility. 

Now for the cherry on top, our Uber Clone app comes with extra benefits that will give your app an extra edge over other competitors. These benefits include

1.Seamless taxi booking
2.Intuitive user interface
3.SOS buttons
4.Push up notifications
5.Digital receipts
6.Driver flexibility
7.Faster pick up and drop off
8.Pooling rides
9.Offers and discounts
10.Built-in navigation system

If you’re still having second thoughts about making an investment in buying our Uber clone script, take a look at our developmental process and the assets that come with it.

1.With over 14 years of experience, our developers and designers are filled to the brim with experience and skills that go hand in hand in building your Uber Clone app. A highly functional and robust app is guaranteed.

2.Our white label solutions will ensure your brand gets the highest visibility and customer exposure. We’ll take the back seat while you take the wheel.

3.The ready-made Uber app script is a great time and money saver. Cut down on development costs and time with this pragmatic solution.

4.Since we’ve guaranteed success with our application, the Uber clone is made completely scalable to support your business as it grows.

5.With the multi-lingual and multi-currency features, you can make your on-demand taxi business international and reach a wider audience.

6.Your app after development will be successfully launched and be made available for customer use in no time.

The Uber apps quarterly revenue (Q1) 2020 amounted to be $15.8 billion with trips amounting to 1,658 million. This goes to show not just the economic well-being of this sector but also the untapped potential in it. Launch your very own Uber Clone with us and experience skyrocketing returns.


Launch A Pragmatic Uber Clone To Ace The On-demand Taxi Business In 2021


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