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 Love and relationships have always remained as enigmas throughout history. Beginning from the infamous Romeo and Juliet to the modern day Jack and Rose, obstacles come and tragedies strike, leaving the petals of romance withered and battered on the floor. But does that keep humans from searching for love? Never! Thanks to the nerds who usually suck at relationships, we now have technological advancements that help find love at the comfort of your homes, with not just one but many options to choose from. It is as easy as ordering food. And since most people struggle to find love easily, here’s an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs such as yourselves to monetize strangers’ dating habits. As mortifying as that sounds, read on to find how you can own a Bumble Clone Dating Application named after a brand of your choosing with all the latest features one can find on a Dating App by partnering with us at Inoru.

Exciting and captivating features available

                 1. With numerous dating Apps popping up nowadays, the competition gets tough. But we are offering a range of features in the application that are sure to keep your users glued to their phones and hopefully to the partners they pick too.

                    2.Users will be able to create profiles by easily logging in with their social media credentials. Their profiles can be customized according to their wishes, starting from setting a profile picture to writing a bio about themselves. There are options available for the users to talk about their past dating experiences, expectations and more for acute decision making. Of course, whether this information is true or not is up for debate. Users will also be able to add templates to their profiles to match their vibrant personalities so the other person will know what they are getting themselves into. No one wants another Shallow Hal situation.

                    3.They say love is blind. But how often does anyone go all the way on a  blind date? That’s why options like pictures and video uploading like a social media App are built in with your Application where users can view pictures of other profiles. And if that isn’t enough, video calling, voice calling and chat options are also integrated into the application for those profiles that are matched. Added to that, a smart feature called face detection is available that makes sure the person using it is the one in the picture. So the cat fishers better beware. 

                    4.The application comes with multi-language integration with languages starting from Japanese, Mandarin, French and more to cater to the dating needs of users worldwide. Now nothing can get in the user’s way to find ‘The One’. If even that doesn’t help, the application has more tricks up its sleeve. It offers virtual gifts that couples can share and these gifts will be updated often to keep things interesting. And don’t worry about the payment because the gifts can be purchased securely using in-app wallets, credit and debit cards, etc.  This app will be more invested in the users’ love life than anybody else!

The technical wizardry of our team

                      1.The application you buy from is made by our team of expert developers who work tirelessly to give you an end product that satisfies not just you as an owner but your customers too. The team will closely work with you and keep you updated on the progress and inner workings of the application. 

                        2.A prototype of the App will be available for you to judge the functionality of it to make sure it is as per your requirements. After the launch of the app, our dedicated team will have your back and offer support and clarify queries you might have, which includes updating the app in the future to the latest technology and features with ease. The application will be made available on various platforms including Android, Web and IOS.                        

                         3.What’s more, you will receive a free installation of the application and offered the choice of paying at the end of each milestone set for the completion of the product.

We can assure you that we will be with you through each step to make sure you receive results for the investment you make with us.

Various Clone options Available

                     Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s take a look at the Dating Application clones that are available for customizations. With apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge leading the race, you have a chance to join them there by getting your own dating application with the same features those apps have along with your own customizations, creating an amalgam that will be hard to resist. Here are all the Clone applications that can be tailored to your standards of perfection.

  1. tinder clone
  2. Bumble clone
  3. Hinge clone 
  4. Ok cupid clone
  5. Coffee meets bagel clone
  6. Happen clone
  7. Her clone 
  8. Clover clone 
  9. Plenty of fish clone
  10. Match clone. 

How you make the dough

                     Now you might be a young entrepreneur or a start-up waiting for your big break. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon. The application comes with attractive and enhanced features that will be accessible to users based on the subscription package they’ve chosen( for a week, month or year). As your user base grows rapidly (yes we’re certain it will), you can display advertisements on the app placed carefully in places that garner maximum viewership. This means money for the advertiser and more for your pockets. Remember those digital gifts mentioned above? The ones that come in handy when anniversaries are forgotten and calls are sent to voicemail? Users will be able to purchase them by using the app which remains chargeable by the service provider. Apparently, love does come at a price.

                  Having said all this, it must be pretty evident that once you partner with us here at Inoru, you will not leave until you are satisfied. We’re arrogant that way. And for good reason. Contact us and schedule a meeting with our developers to make your dating App vision come to life. The world is filled with desperate and lonely people and it is up to you to get them your Tinder Clone Application and spice their lives up.


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