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The sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus crippled all the industries and majorly affected the global economy. Right from tourism to theme parks to theatres, pretty much anything that has to do with groups of people assembling in one space has come to a grinding halt.

Whatmore, 3.3 million people filed for unemployment in the United States alone. Yet, few companies have seen a huge surge in their business, and one among them is Cameo, a celebrity video shout-out app.

Cameo has been around in the market for a few years now, but it has become unimaginably popular during the nationwide lockdown.

In this blog, we will help you develop a highly-intuitive Cameo app that helps your business gain massive users in no time with our unique and eye-catchy Cameo clone app.

The streamlined workflow of our Cameo clone app

User login

Our Cameo clone app enables your users to swiftly foray into the app by registering their credentials or using their active social media channels.

Browsing profiles

We have designed our clone script with an advanced search bar, allowing your users to sail through a diverse range of celebrity profiles.

Selecting profile

Users can access numerous featured posts like pictures and short clips of a celebrity profile and select them.

Scheduling live call

After selecting, users can request a live one-on-one call with their favorite celebrities/icons.


Our Cameo clone script enables users to pay the stipulated amount to the requested celebrities using the multiple payment options available on the app.

Attending the session

Now, users either receive the requested video shoutout or enjoy the live session with the selected celebrities.


Finally, users can share their video shoutouts seamlessly on their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Revenue-generating streams integrated into our Cameo clone

We have provided many ways to generate revenue from our Cameo clone. You can use one or even multiple streams to earn a substantial income.

In-app advertisements

Our Cameo clone is integrated with this common yet effective revenue model allowing third-party businesses to display their promotional ads on your platform & earn by charging them advertising fees.

The fee varies depending on factors like clicks, conversions, views, etc.


This revenue stream helps you receive a specified percentage of celebrities’ earnings by sharing videos through your platform.


We have integrated this model to enable your users to access extensive features of your Cameo app by subscribing to it. Users are mandated to pay a substantial amount as the subscription fee for accessing your app’s services on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Elite features of our Cameo clone script

Easy on-boarding

Users can swiftly sign up with the app by registering with their personal information and also have an option to login using their social media credentials.

Discover celebrities

Users can explore the enlisted celebrities on the platform and view their profiles.


Users can search for their favorite celebrities using this feature.

Request alerts

The celebrities registered in the app will be notified of the requests received from their followers. They can either accept or reject it,

Swift notifications

Users will be immediately notified via in-app push alerts if the celebrities accept their video requests.

Secure payments

Users can pay celebrities for the videos they requested using the payment options available on our clone app.

Sharing videos

Celebrities can share the shoutout videos with their fans via emails or text messages.

Sharing updates

Celebrities can share updates about their future projects with their followers via short videos using this feature.

Downloading videos

Our Cameo clone app has this feature to enable users to download the videos shared by their icons.

Live streaming

This feature helps celebrities to interact with their fans.

Our Cameo Clone contains features that focus on all three stakeholders of the app. They are

      1. User

      2. Celebrity

      3. Admin panel

Let’s discuss the features of these stakeholders individually.

Stellar features of our User app

     1. Swift login

     2. Browsing celebrity profile

     3. Advanced search 

     4. In-app notifications

     5. Record video in full screen

     6. Share videos

     7. Built-in video player & editor

     8. Geolocation

     9. Secure payment

Prime features of our Celebrity app

     1. Onboarding

     2. Video messaging

     3. Video content management

     4. Link social media

     5. Real-time analytics

     6. Earning history

     7. Privacy settings

Admin panel features

     1. Powerful admin dashboard

     2. User management

     3. Celebrity management

     4. Analytics & Reports

     5. Verified Badges

Why should you collaborate with us?

Fully customizable 

We are a team of experienced professionals in various fields where we help you recreate the app coherently with your business requirements and specifications.

White-labeled solution

Plunge into the business with your Cameo app as our Cameo clone can be rebranded with your logo, brand name.


Our Cameo clone is developed with the potential to handle millions of users concurrently. It is extensively scalable concerning the business environment.

Affordable solution

We help you develop a powerful app with all the essential features and other attributes. Our Cameo clone cost is reasonable, budget-friendly, and affordable.

Multiple currencies

To leverage a massive user base, the Cameo clone is built to support major currencies of the world to subscribe to the app’s services.

Winding Up

With our impeccable cameo clone app, we help you stand unique from the crowd. Our skilled set of professionals will help you actuate your entrepreneurial ideas into reality with our top-notch Cameo like app. So, wait no longer and associate with us to have a unique and intuitive Cameo app.


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