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If you are looking to build and launch an app like Netflix, you probably have taken this step seriously by realizing its huge demand and the impact it created during the pandemic. You must have heard the following terms often -, ‘Aren’t you waiting for the second season of Sacred Games?’, One more episode, What is your plan for Saturday night? It’s ‘Netflix & chill,’ Yes!! So that is the impact Netflix has created in every individual’s life.

This might have lured you to come up with developing something similar to Netflix. You are in the heat of the moment, and the present generation of people are hooked on using video-streaming apps. Henceforth, it is the right time to bring something similar to Netflix, a video streaming app in the market that helps you earn huge profits and gain massive users in no time.

How are OTT services like Netflix topping in the entertainment industry amid the crisis?

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in the Wuhan city of China has been spreading like wildfire in other countries, threatening humans’ lives. This pandemic has not only altered the way of living and working but also changed the way we use media. People are confined to stay at their homes due to the unexpected lockdown implementation. This enforcement restricted all the events and means of entertainment across the globe.

This pandemic and the nationwide lockdown has shifted the lives of people toward the online medium. Also, entertainment platforms’ consumption has increased tremendously via television shows, video games, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. On the other hand, amusement parks, movie theatres are significantly affected due to the declaration of social distancing norms in COVID-19 affected nations.

How do OTT platforms like Netflix grab attention during Covid-19?

With the pandemic’s rise, OTT platforms like Netflix, a video streaming app, are gaining much popularity in the world of entertainment. In early 2020, Netflix had captivated more than 15.8 million paid subscribers.

As the name OTT implies, video streaming platforms like Netflix provide content explicitly to viewers over the Internet using a television, computer, and mobile phones in the comfort of their homes at their fingertips.

The nationwide lockdown enforced during the COVID-19 has not just crippled industries and the economy but has also changed people’s behavioral patterns. This sudden change in people has shifted entertainment mode to using video streaming apps like Netflix rather than regular television or theaters.

Considering the current condition around us, we are still unsure when we will be going to movie theaters and even step outside. Hence, most of the directors and film producers have decided to release their films over some well-known OTT platforms.

Future of Netflix after the release of lockdown

After the lockdown’s full release, people will go back to the lifestyle they lived earlier. But, there is undeniably no doubt that viewers will enjoy using the convenience offered by OTT services. 

Hence, theatres might not be full when they reopen, as users will prefer not to go because of the fear-induced in people that they will get infected with the deadly virus and also due to the overly priced movie tickets. Suppose box office collections, which make a significant portion of producers’ profits, don’t come in as they calculated, in that case, they are likely to get motivated to work on direct-digital releases in the future.

OTT platforms are likely to continue to stand top for quality content. Therefore, as long as there is engaging content on OTT platforms like Netflix, the market and the usage of such apps will never go down in the entertainment industry.

Hence, it is evident that there is no other grounded video streaming portal than Netflix. Here in this blog, we will explain to you in detail the features and other attributes to include in your video streaming app development.

The streamlined workflow of Inoru’s Netflix clone app

User login

Users register in the app using their details like name, age, phone number, or through social media login.

OTP verification

Users can access their account after verifying it with the OTP in the Netflix app solution.

Subscription selection

Now, users can choose any of the subscription packages based on their convenience and preferences.

Viewing categories

Using a smart search engine in our Netflix clone script, users can browse through the genres, categories effortlessly.

Viewing content

Users can choose any of the available shows enlisted on the app and can watch the video/audio content.

Feedback  column

This remarkable feature integrated with our clone script enables users to give their ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Comments can also be shared in the review section.

Why should you associate with us?

We offer, 

1. Ready-to-launch app

2. Web app

3. Engaging admin dashboard

4. Easy customization

5. Integrated with multiple payment gateways

6. Post-launch support

7. Bug-free clone script

Pivotal features of our Netflix clone

1. Advanced search bar

2. One-touch login

3. Create watchlist

4. Multi-screen support

5. Flexibility in choosing their subscription plan

6. Download videos

7. In-app alerts

8. Secured payment gateways

9. Multi-lingual support

10.User comments

How to monetize your app using our video streaming app like Netflix?

Subscription option

Our script is integrated with numerous subscription options right from the basic plan to the premium plan, every subscription is priced differently with varying levels of functionality.

Premium service

With the premium subscription, the users are given the flexibility to watch 4K videos on four screens simultaneously after paying the subscription.

Video Ads

Get video advertisements from other businesses that help to promote their products on your video streaming platform. Through this way, you can make money whenever their ad plays on your platform.

Wrapping Up

Thus, developing a video-streaming app like Netflix helps your business reach massive users in the shortest time possible due to its quality of service offered and the convenience it gives to users to access all movies, series in a single app from the comfort of their homes.


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