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In the growing ages, medical practices have changed a lot in many ways. Medical practitioners are also coping with the changes that occur from one era to another. Every transmission brings new challenges to doctors globally. The relationship between the medical practitioners and patients has also changed adversely, and the pressure faced by the doctors cannot be explained in words. During the Pandemic crisis, the medical practitioners are the most affected people, both psychologically and physically. In between, they also face other challenges like lawsuits, corporate healthcare, and financial issues. 

On analyzing the challenges and issues the medical practitioners face, we can clearly understand the need for a platform or a forum to discuss their professional matters. In this blog, let us discuss ways to develop a medical network through an app like Sermo.

How does Sermo build a network with other physicians? 

None of us can forget the hardships that our medical practitioners are undergoing during this critical situation. The medical trauma they face can never be explained in words. At this crucial time, they need to discuss different case histories and medical-related doubts. Sermo is a medical social network for medical professionals worldwide. This internet platform allows physicians to connect with other medical practitioners to discuss, debate, solve and enquire about medical cases.  

Sermo has built a network of around 1.33 million healthcare professionals across 150 countries. Sermo has been involved in data collection about healthcare care professionals since 2005, and in 2019, Sermo conducted around 4,600 researches in the medical fields. 

Sermo clone app – A perfect alternative developed with best-in-class features.

The Sermo clone app is an alternative developed with the same features. On the growing demand for medical networks, launching an app like Sermo will be a feather on the cap for the practitioners. Your Sermo clone app will provide a platform for medical professionals to engage in discussion and debates. With a ready-to-launch Sermo clone app with cutting-edge features, you can launch a perfect medical social network. Developed by the best developers of Inoru, the app comes as a reliable solution for the users to operate it successfully. 

Our Sermo clone allows the medical practitioners to participate in the app by giving their contacts as anonymous. Taking a membership or being a part of your Sermo clone app will provide the medical practitioners with the following benefits.

1.Healthcare professionals can search and connect with other experts from any part of the globe.

2.The users can create pages to invite only a specific group of people

3.A forum to reach out to thousands of doctors

4.Safe and secure access to the users

5.A user-friendly app to connect with top-rated doctors globally

6.To host discussions on any essential topics

7.The medical practitioners can be involved in research activities

8.Reliable verification process

9.Notifications and updates regarding important medical events

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Features of Sermo clone app

Inoru’s Sermo clone app will have the following features,

1.Advanced search options

The Sermo clone app will provide integrated search results with updated profiles of the medical practitioners. The app users can go through the case histories of the patients and take discussions from archived sources.


The app will allow the users to create polls and surveys for other users to participate. The users can also get access to the case studies and gain insights from senior practitioners.

3.Discussion lounge 

The provision of discussion lounges for the practitioners to discuss important topics, patient cases. The discussion lounge will also have features for sharing images, documents, and presentations between the meetings and discussions. 

4.Brand pages 

Healthcare units can also participate in the app and discuss with the other doctors. The healthcare units will also build contacts with the doctors for their future referral purposes. 

Promotional and sales tools 

5.You can manage ads and network posts for your app. The media placement option will drive traffic to the pages.

6.Admin handling 

The admin panel of the app allows the admin to have real-time analytics with automated reporting. The dashboard will hold the records of all the activities of the app.

Why choose us for developing your Sermo clone app? 

At Inoru, we aim at providing tailor-made solutions with cutting-edge technology. With a dedicated team of developers with good knowledge about the latest technologies and software, we craft our cloned apps with world-class features. If you are looking for expertise, creativity, and skills, Inoru will be the right choice for you. Have a glimpse of the following benefits you will get on opting for our service.

With our Sermo clone app customizable and white-label, the entrepreneurs can replace their business testimonials like name, logo, and theme in the app. We offer customized solutions for entrepreneurs to incorporate their ideas and vision in the app.

End-to-end support

Inoru will stand with during the thicks and thins for launching a reliable app in the market. We will abide by you and provide all kinds of support for your app to function.

Quick launch

With our ready-made Sermo clone app, you can launch your venture in a short duration. 

Quality testing

We will test run the app and remove all the bugs so that it will be an incomplete working condition when it reaches you.

Reliable and scalable product

Now, you might start your business regionally, but it will reach a global extent after years. So, developing a dedicated app is very important for your business. Inoru offers you a reliable Sermo clone app for the long run in the future.

Wrapping up,

In the present scenario, we need an app like Sermo for our medical practitioners to discuss and debate the world’s medical conditions. With Inoru, you can launch a reliable Sermo clone app in a blink of an eye. Approach us soon and schedule a meeting with us to know more about us.


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