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TikTok clone app
The social media industry has a major role to play in all our lives. Everyone is part of any one of the social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. When using any one of these platforms, have you ever wondered about how these app owners manage to generate revenue via the […]
Instacart Clone App Development
Every service can be availed via an app at present. The digital world of applications has made people’s lives easier. An app is available for almost every service or product needed. While there are multiple on-demand services that customers avail of, only a few essential services are flourishing in the market for a long period […]
Oyo Clone
Ever since smartphones took over the world, all industries in different sectors have updated themselves to the level where their business reaches the common man through the phones in their palms. One such industry is tourism and hospitality. A few years ago, booking a hotel room involved various steps. From deciding the location to paying […]
uber clone
The need to stay in the trend in terms of technology has increased drastically. Almost everyone around us is well-equipped with the latest technology and the way things work. Online taxi booking is also one such trend that people have adapted well a few years back. In comparison to the traditional method of availing transportation […]
Online casino industry is one of the sectors that is gaining immense popularity among the users in the market. The market has come across a sudden spike in its number of downloads, users, and revenue post the lockdown imposed in several countries. With people staying indoors for the past few months, they have no access […]
Meesho Clone
How do small and medium-scale entrepreneurs manage to take their business online? Have you ever wondered about how they earn  income consistently? No matter what the size of your business is, you can upload all your products online and allow users around the globe to resell your products instantly. Still confused about how you can […]
Ubereats Clone
The US food delivery market has seen a major positive shift after the onset of the pandemic. The industry is expected to reach $200 billion by 2025. It is indeed a huge spike that has earned noticeably high revenue for many food delivery business owners in the US. The major reason for the sudden increase […]
Zoom clone
How do you think an organization functions efficiently? How do the employees coordinate their work among themselves? Have you ever wondered about the vital medium that keeps them connected? Yes, in the lockdown season, video-conferencing apps have been of greater use to businesses, organizations, schools, and in many other sectors.  Apps like Zoom succeeded in […]
Zoom clone
We all know that the major global crisis, as of now, is the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been almost a year since the onset of the pandemic in several countries. Millions of people have been tested positive for the virus, and the total count is increasing with each day. To curb the rapid spread of […]
Airmeet Clone
Many businesses in the market have seen a huge spike in their revenue, user count, and brand visibility. Amongst the many services, video-conferencing app have witnessed a highly noticeable change in its number of downloads and registered users. Especially Airmeet, an app that came to the market in 2019, has marked its strong presence in […]
Have you come across the term fantasy sports? If yes, then you would also know that it is a high revenue-generating industry at present. A market that was once a hobby for people has turned into platforms that help them earn and have a fun-filled experience at the same time. On the other hand, business […]
UberEats Clone Script
The pandemic situation appears to disrupt the routines of almost every individual across the world. Industries are passing through a gloomy phase, a position they wouldn’t have imagined even in their nightmares. However, as a blessing in disguise, smartphones and the Internet are proving to be valuable assets. People have started to realize the comfort […]