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uber clone
The need to commute is always present. And apps like Uber and Lyft have made a ton of money with this genuine solution to a real-world problem. Launching an uber clone app in this lucrative climate is a wise decision. The potential in this area is high, so entrepreneurs and business owners can make good […]
Dating Application development
 Love and relationships have always remained as enigmas throughout history. Beginning from the infamous Romeo and Juliet to the modern day Jack and Rose, obstacles come and tragedies strike, leaving the petals of romance withered and battered on the floor. But does that keep humans from searching for love? Never! Thanks to the nerds who […]
Roposo Clone
Every generation has its favorite social media platform. The ones over 50 prefer Facebook, those who love arguing with strangers choose Twitter and the millennials prefer apps like Instagram to boost their self-esteem. One such generation-defining app is TikTok. This short video making app has over half a billion users and is worth $20 billion. […]
Ever since the pandemic pounced on us like a crouching tiger, it has been hard for businesses to get back on their paws. (Pun intended). Theatres shut down, shopping malls lay deserted and trains ceased to work. But one thing remained working, effortlessly processing new information and churning old ones. The student’s brain. As ludicrous […]
Dream11 clone
The fantasy sports sector has been one of the most thriving businesses for the past few years. It is a platform that allows its players all over the world to play multiple digital games at any time. A few such apps also provided the betting feature that pushed more users to register with the fantasy […]
OnlyFans clone
The celebrity life is a bit arduous to manage, and they are on the constant lookout for a way through which they can stay personally connected to their fans. The ardent fans are also dying to know how their celebrities live life, dress up, etc. they are eager to know their favorite stars’ real personalities. […]
As much as life has changed over the years, the need to listen to music is something that has remained constant. From listening to performances in the opera, via gramophones, tapes, CDs, and now through the internet, only the mode in which music has been listened to has changed. Now in the 21st century, the […]
TikTok clone app
The social media industry has a major role to play in all our lives. Everyone is part of any one of the social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. When using any one of these platforms, have you ever wondered about how these app owners manage to generate revenue via the […]
Instacart Clone App Development
Every service can be availed via an app at present. The digital world of applications has made people’s lives easier. An app is available for almost every service or product needed. While there are multiple on-demand services that customers avail of, only a few essential services are flourishing in the market for a long period […]
Oyo Clone
Ever since smartphones took over the world, all industries in different sectors have updated themselves to the level where their business reaches the common man through the phones in their palms. One such industry is tourism and hospitality. A few years ago, booking a hotel room involved various steps. From deciding the location to paying […]
uber clone
The need to stay in the trend in terms of technology has increased drastically. Almost everyone around us is well-equipped with the latest technology and the way things work. Online taxi booking is also one such trend that people have adapted well a few years back. In comparison to the traditional method of availing transportation […]
Online casino industry is one of the sectors that is gaining immense popularity among the users in the market. The market has come across a sudden spike in its number of downloads, users, and revenue post the lockdown imposed in several countries. With people staying indoors for the past few months, they have no access […]