Roposo Clone – Why This Short Video Making App Is A Lucrative Business Venture

Roposo Clone

Every generation has its favorite social media platform. The ones over 50 prefer Facebook, those who love arguing with strangers choose Twitter and the millennials prefer apps like Instagram to boost their self-esteem. One such generation-defining app is TikTok. This short video making app has over half a billion users and is worth $20 billion. Noticing how lucrative this industry, several similar short video-making apps have popped up in the app stores and have seen quite a bit of success. One such app is Roposo. 

With more than 1.60 million daily active users and over 160 million views recorded every day, the Roposo has certainly turned quite some heads. Developed by IIT graduates, Roposo has a high potential to reach the glorious heights of TikTok. And if you, as an entrepreneur or a businessperson, are looking to make the best of this situation, investing in a Roposo Clone is a step in the right direction. If you’re willing to embark on this journey, you will certainly have some questions. Read on to have them answered.

Why will the Roposo Clone be a success?

1.Everyone has access to smartphones these days, with a connection to the internet, making the average adult quite tech-savvy. These short video-making apps are so captivating that the adolescent and young adult generation’s curiosity will be piqued to the extent where they simply want to download an app like Roposo and see what it’s about.

2.The length of the videos on these apps is not over 20 seconds. And with millennials having a pretty short attention span, the videos and content your Roposo clone app provides will be very engaging and entertaining.

3.The ease of using these apps is another major contributor to the success of Roposo. These apps have features that are attractive to use. Though adults might not understand the craze behind this, the range of filters and icons and editing tools that comes with this app makes it enticing. With just the push of a button, users can publish videos. It’s that simple.

4.The content that is made in the Roposo app is informative, humorous, stimulating, provocative, interesting, and creative. Although most adults might not exactly approve of some of the content there, the younger generation is hooked. This ensures continual usage of the short video making app.

Having said all that, let’s briefly go through what your Roposo Clone script will be inclusive of when it comes to features and functionality.

What are the features of the Roposo Clone app?

  • Easy registration and login

The sign-up and login process of our Roposo Clone is quite simple and hassle-free. Users will just have to type in their email addresses or phone numbers to get  the registration done. Social media integration is also made possible to give users an even more easy login experience.

  • Extensive song selection and easy dubbing

The highlight of the Roposo Clone is the range of songs and tracks available. Since the app is predominantly used for making short dance or comedy clips, a varied selection of tracks including the top trending music will be included in the track list to give the users an entertaining time. The easy dubbing that comes with the app makes the process more fun and gets the creative juices of the young creators flowing. 

  • Filters, stickers, and editing 

This feature makes your Roposo Clone more enticing for users. Since the application is built to support millions of pictures, these filters and stickers will make posting photos more fun than it already was. The in-built editing tool in the app will offer tons of tricks to edit pictures and videos cleverly, making the final product perfect for use.

  • Channel personalization and feed

One of the aspects as to why social media apps are frequented so much is because of the platform it offers for users to make it their own. And the Roposo clone does not disappoint. This app will let users customize and personalize their channels according to their taste and style. The feed on the app will also be curated to offer content that the user will have previously engaged with in terms of likes and views. 

  • Tagging and following

Nothing is more amusing than two friends laughing over a joke. This is made possible with the tagging and following feature which lets users tag their friends and family in videos and also follow their favorite content creators on the platform.

  • Live streaming and messaging 

All creators using your Roposo Clone can go live on their channel and their followers can join the stream, comment, and share it. The instant messaging feature is a given in all social media apps. This will let users send messages, share pictures, and videos in the app without moving to another application.

  • Report/block feature

There is no scarcity of creeps on the online forum as well. So, to protect your users, the Roposo clone comes with a report or block feature against users who might not behave fittingly online. Once someone is reported or blocked, the admin of the app will be notified to take appropriate action.

  • Powerful admin panel

The admin is the boss behind the scenes. So he/she will need to have a powerful dashboard to run the app with ease. This is provided for in the Roposo clone. With this feature, the admin will be able to manage the content, users, advertisements, revenue flow, and view user analytics on the app. 

These are just some of the top features that come with our state-of-the-art Roposo script. With the customization option that comes with the investment, you can add more features that you think will make your app more user friendly.

As a business owner, you might be thinking about how your app will be making a profit. Questions like What are the various revenue streams in the Roposo Clone? May frequent your mind. The answers are as follows. 

  • Advertisements 

This will be the major source of revenue on your app. Third-party companies can pay you, the app owner, an amount of money to display their advertisements since it will have a large user base. This will help boost their revenue as well as improve yours. The parameters on the advertisement such as duration, the fee to be paid can be determined by the admin.

  • Subscriptions 

A premium version of the app can be made available for those who want to make use of extra features. This subscription can be offered on a monthly or yearly basis to users who will have to pay a subscription fee. These extra features will also include an ad-free version which is sure to entice users to opt for this plan.

  • Sponsored content 

Users can create sponsored content on the Roposo app which is then featured on the face of the app. A percentage of the revenue that is generated through these sponsored videos can be earned by the app owner.

Having cleared out all the smoke regarding features and revenue stream, let us move on to why you must pick Inoru for your Roposo clone development apart from the aforementioned reasons. 

1.We have experience working in app development for more than 14 years. Therefore your vision and ideas for the clone app are sure to attain fruition.
2.Our adept and skilled teams of developers and designers love creating and crafting quality products that are sure to captivate you and your users.
3.We have a specialized marketing team who will make sure your Roposo clone will get the visibility and traction it deserves.
4.Our clone solutions are completely scalable and customizable so that as your venture develops, the clone app will be able to withstand it.
5.The prices we offer for the Roposo Clone app script are the best in the market, with no compromise on the quality of the product.
6.The latest tech stack will be used to build your app that will be compatible with all devices including Android, iOS, and web browsers.
7.Our maintenance and support team will be ready at all times to swoop in and fix any errors and glitches that might arise. These services can be availed at a reasonable price as well.

Such excellent service and product delivery are unbeatable in the market. Trust us to get your Roposo clone app up and running so that you can witness a stunning return on investment in the shortest time span. In recent years, the Roposo app has seen a 75x growth in the user base ever since its launch. You can now too grow a wide audience base by commencing the development of your Roposo Clone with us now. 

Roposo Clone – Why This Short Video Making App Is A Lucrative Business Venture


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