Why do you need a Bitcoin Casino Solution for your gambling venture?

Online gambling has evolved, thanks to the new age players who prefer cryptocurrencies as a means of deposits and payouts. The usage of Bitcoin has led to the exponential increase in integration of popular and widely used cryptos in casino games.

Questions you’d be thinking as a gaming entrepreneur

Why take the casino business online when the casinos in the Caesars Palaces and MGM Grands are making truckloads of money?

The answer is a simple question; do you have the capital to compete with such humongous names? If yes, you are, by all means welcome to stop reading this blog. If you are reading this on your mobile on an undriven Wednesday morning then you need this, read on.

Bitcoin casino integration is highly advantageous when used the right way.

So, yeah, let’s tell you about the pros and cons of such an amalgamation (between Bitcoin and online casino).

Bitcoin in Gambling – The Advantages

Faster payments – Cos no one’s banking on Banks anymore!
Crypto-payments are independent of any institutionalized third party, which helps in clearing the payments faster. Since no bank is involved, everyone in the system is given their winnings or commission instantly. The whole process in a word is ‘quick.’

Anonymity – They know who’s running the show, don’t they?
Blockchain paves the way for anonymous transactions, and you can ensure complete anonymity for transactions that happen.  Only the wallet address is publicly available information, and that’s because any other personal data is not needed while in the gaming subsystem.

Low Transaction fee – Fee? What fee?
Again, no involvement of banks results in comparatively insignificant transaction fee.  At times, players don’t have to pay any fee at all. All this because you haven’t affiliated yourself to any bank.

Security level – Fort Knox
The technology backing cryptocurrencies allows to access the payment history; therefore, the records of all money transfers can be checked to ensure legitimate casino operation. Crypto wallets are fully protected as well, making the attacks complicated and almost impossible for hackers.

Challenges pertaining to Bitcoin integration

There’s only one major challenge with this online adoption, which is the fight between the traditional format of payments. The fact that this is the challenge that’s changing rapidly is an awesome thing. The solution to this problem is the integration of fiat payments into the system. This will ensure there isn’t any decline in the number of players who partake in the game. It is well known that traditional gamblers are skeptical about getting paid in cryptos.

BTC Casinos – The Future

The rough estimation is that cryptocurrencies account for 26% of entire payments in the online gaming space. Gaming experts are predicting further growth of crypto-infused gambling in the market.

There are two different ways of integrating bitcoin into your online casino;

•  Developing a dedicated BTC casino

•  Add BTC as an additional payment method option along with the rest

Integrating cryptocurrencies into gambling is essential if gaming entrepreneurs wish to survive the Bitcoin/Crypto Wave.

•  Using innovative technology creates a reputation of an operator who supports and adopts new developments.

•  As a decentralized platform; bitcoin casinos allow worldwide users. Even from the countries where gambling is banned.

•  You would need the project to be rolled out fast, like really fast. And BTC casino offers that without any ingenuine promises.

•  Bitcoin operations are almost impossible to cancel, and monitoring will be hassle-free.

Launching a gambling platform with cryptocurrency payments is easier with Inoru’s answer – Bitcoin casino solution. Inoru’s Bitcoin casino solution offers various popular games; so wait not get in touch today and get your hands on the perfect solution for your gambling needs.

P.s. We offer payment methods that integrate both Cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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